A Day Full of Miracles // 充滿奇蹟的一天

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身為主的兒女,你有否期盼著充滿徵兆和奇蹟的一生嗎? As a child of God, do you expect to live a life full of signs and wonders?



早上,我告訴還沒信主的媽媽主如何在我的工作上給我的機會和恩典(其實這也是個神蹟,不過改天再告訴大家)。我很興奮地告訴她我如何禱告請願主於那特定的會議裡與我同在。我想讓她知道主如何地答允我的禱告,而不是告訴她那是一個神蹟(因為她通常也不會理會我對於祂的徵兆和奇蹟的興奮),但我當時沒有期望她會有甚麼反應 。當她說:“那真的是主的神蹟!還有那次你在公司的集體渡假會議後收到電話,那肯定是主的徵兆!”,我簡直是開心得差不多要暈倒了。




東跑西跑去找回我的錢包已經用掉我大部份的小睡時間,我僅僅有足夠力氣去上班。更壞的是,我得知我要等上兩個小時才能拍我的最後一組戲。這時候, 我已覺得有點發燒,錄影廠又非常冷,而我一心只想回家。我們已經落後於原本計劃足足一個小時,我發現我在請求主多給我一個奇蹟。



As a child of God, do you expect to live a life full of signs and wonders?

It’s a full day of miracles and surprises. It may sound a little complicated but please bear with me – it is how God amazingly wove miracles throughout my day for me.

In the morning I was telling my mom (who hasn’t accepted Christ yet) about the favours and doors that God had opened for me at work (that was a miracle too, but a story for another day). I was so excited, telling her how I prayed that God would be with me at that particular meeting. I wanted to show her how God has answered my prayer, not thinking of it as a miracle or expecting much response from her, since she usually disregards my excitement for His signs and wonders.  I almost passed out from joy when she said, “that’s a total miracle from God! And that time when you got a call the day right after your retreat, it’s got to be a sign from God.”

What a pleasant surprise after waking up from only three hours of sleep! Now, I had work later that evening, so my plan was to go to the morning service and go home to sleep before work.

It was a great message, but I was aching all over, so I slipped out early to go home to get some rest. When I got the on bus I realized that my purse was missing! I had a bad feeling that it’s not sitting on my seat at church, but I went back anyway. Of course, it wasn’t there, and I had no money go to home, so I had to wait until service ended before I could borrow some money off a friend since I have no idea where they’re sitting. Out of nowhere, I found my friend turning around staring at me during worship, so I managed to get some money off her. She said she would pray for me and I slipped out again to go home.

I knew that I left my purse on the bus on my way to church, and didn’t expect the bus company to have it, but I made a call anyway. In Hong Kong if you lose something on public transport you really wouldn’t expect to have it back; and to be honest at that point all I wanted to do was go home and sleep, but the bus company has my purse!

Going back and forth for my purse took me most of the naptime I planned to have, and I barely got enough rest for work. It didn’t help when I realized that there’s a two-hour break before I get to shoot my last scene. By this time, I was feeling feverish, it’s freezing in the studio and all I wanted to do was go home. We were a full hour behind schedule and I found myself asking God for another miracle.

All I did was ask God, and in the end they switched the shooting sequence so that I got to shoot all my scenes in one go, and, we realized that we didn’t even need to be around for that final scene! I got off work three hours early. That almost never happens!

Praise the Lord!



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