A Relationship with Him // 和祂的關係

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若我只是去服事祂,而沒有溝通,只是老闆和下屬的關係。If I just serve Him but do not communicate, this is a relationship between a master and a servant.  


然後下午,我在The Vine的healing room 安靜等候。在等候的時候,除了一些影像,沒聽到任何東西,但當我去廁所時,卻很清晰地聽到一句說話:「你學懂聆聽神的聲音前,要先學會向神說話!」

有這個領受之後,我當然義不容辭去到神面前去向祂說話,然後我又再看到一個影像,我就像一個小孩子掛著笑容來到神面前,很開心的和祂「傾偈」。我再思想小孩子的意義(和神讓我早上看到IHOP的畫面)…… 可能他們有時候很吵耳、頑皮和精力過盛,但他們任何時候都是最真的。我開始明白,神想我像小朋友一樣的真!來到祂面前,小朋友說話是不會想太多的,他們會直接將心裡面的想法和感受說出來。


我沒有想太多,沒用一些「宗教式」的禱詞,取而代之是我將自己心入面對事情的最真實感受、想法、憂慮和恐懼等等,都告訴天父。很奇妙的是,我感受到祂的同在突然很大很大的充滿我! 並且在此同時,我感受到祂將我裡面的負面感受和思想都拿走,我每次將一件事的感受和想法告訴祂,我裡面的平安就愈來愈多,分享愈深入,醫治得愈透澈。

我反覆思想……祂既然知道發生的所有事情,又何必要將我心入面所想所感受的都告訴祂呢? 但若這樣推理下去,我們根本不用禱告,因為祂甚麼都知道…… 我想這是一個選擇,我們和神去分享,還是選擇不去跟祂說,這是一個關係上的決定。若我只是去服事祂,而沒有溝通,只是老闆和下屬的關係。但神不想我們停留於主僕的關係,而是再進深去到朋友的關係(約15:15)。

In my self-composed everyday prayer, there is this line, “May God let me learn to listen to Your voice and let my heart speak to you.”  In the morning of January 9th, I habitually turned on the IHOP video.  During the worship, the camera changed to an angle from which the people onstage were not in focus.  Upon a more careful look, there were a few children in the front row worshipping and the cameraman wanted to catch them on camera.  They kept moving with the beat.  Their action was so cute and funny!

Then in the afternoon, I was waiting quietly at The Vine’s healing room.  During my wait, except for some images, I did not hear anything.  But when I went to the bathroom, I heard this sentence very clearly, “Before you learn how to listen to God’s voice, you must first learn how to speak to God!”

After this enlightenment, of course I did not hesitate to come before God to speak to Him.  Then again, I saw an image.  I was like a little child coming before God with a smile and happily “chatting” with Him.  I thought about the meaning of a little child (and the image that God had shown me in the IHOP video)… Maybe sometimes they were really noisy, naughty and hyperactive, but they were always the most true to themselves at any given time.  I started to understand that God wanted me to be as true to myself as little children were!

Standing before Him, little children would not think too much about what they say.  They would just straightforwardly speak out their thoughts and feelings from the bottom of their hearts.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” (Matthew 19:14)

I didn’t think too much either.  I didn’t use any “religious” prayer.  Instead, I told my Father God my truest feelings, thoughts, worries and fears etc. that were in my heart.  The miraculous thing was that I felt that his presence suddenly filled me to the fullest!  At the same time, I also felt that He took away the negative feelings and thoughts from within me.  Every time I told Him my feelings and thoughts about something, the peace inside me grew and the deeper the sharing, the more complete the healing.

My reflection is … If He knows everything that happens, why do I need to tell Him what I think and feel inside my heart?  But according to this deduction, it would mean that we don’t need to pray at all, because He knows it all…

I think it is a choice.  We could choose to share with God or we could choose not to tell Him anything.  This is a choice about our relationship with God.  If I just serve Him but do not communicate, this is a relationship between a master and a servant.  But God does not want us to stop at the master-servant relationship.  He wants us to dive deeper into a friendship. (John 15:15)

May you also share this friendship with Him!



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