A Spiritual Fire Alarm // 心靈的火警警號

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A fire alarm interrupts Sharon’s work day, but it turns out to be a different kind of fire.


Last week, I wrote this in an email to a friend:

So, I’m still at work now at 8:45pm, with no one else in the entire darkened school building. Just feeling like those characters in the Bible, who were they—Paul and Silas?

Could do with an earthquake right about now.

Then yesterday, I happened to pray with my colleague. As we talked, I said, “We should definitely pray, as ultimately our schedules are in God’s hands. He is in charge over every system of power in this world. He can stop time if He wants—interrupt the school day—anything could happen!”

Well, today that is exactly what happened. Near the end of the day, the lights flickered and one of my colleagues said she thought she felt something shake. Then the fire alarm went off, but it was not a drill. Everyone evacuated smoothly to the basketball courts without any incident. We never did hear what caused the alarm—fire engines came and went, but apparently there was no fire?

But for about ten minutes we were all gathered together. And it brought our school to a place of remembering and refocusing on God! The kindergarten headmistress prayed, and all the children prayed after her. One of the teachers sang a song about being lights for Jesus, and another teacher led a song about how much we love to pray and talk to our Heavenly Father. The voices of the children filled the courts. It was beautiful. I felt such peace, joy even.

God did it—re-established his position as head over this school, and everyone had to respond. Thanks to a few prayers!


現在已經是8:45pm,我還在上班。整幢黑暗的學校已經空無一人。我感覺像聖經裡的那些人物,他們的名字是。 。 。 保羅和西拉,對嗎?這個時候來個地震就更應景了。

昨天,我和我的同事在祈禱。當我們談話的時候,我說:“我們絕對應該禱告,因為我們的時間表最終是在神的掌握中。祂掌控著這世界上每一個力量體系。要是祂想的話,祂連時間也能停止- 打擾上學的時間- 什麼事也能發生!”

今天果然發生了我所說的事。差不多下課的時候,電燈閃了幾下,我的一位同事說她好像感覺到震盪。然後,火警警報就響起來了,但這並不是火警演習。所有人有次序地疏散到籃球場。我們沒有得知是什麼引起警號- 消防車來又去,但是似乎根本沒有火?


神做到了- 祂重新建立他為學校之首的地位,而每個人也要回應。 。 。全多得幾個禱告。



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