Announcing: The Launch of the OurWitness Platform! // 隆重宣布: OurWitness平台的啟動

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The online Witness movement began in January of 2010 when three friends in Los Angeles had the idea to start a Christian testimony blog. By the grace of God, the Witness 2.0 Network has expanded to four other cities: Hong Kong, Toronto, San Francisco and most recently to Seoul in just three and a half years!

As our network and readership have grown, we have realized that we want to interact with you – our readers – more personally, connect you with more resources, and provide a more powerful one-stop platform for you to be able to read and share stories of how God is moving in cities all around the world.  After months of working with a team of designers and developers, we came up with a new platform – OurWitness. We launched a fundraising campaign in August to raise money for the new platform, and due to the generous support of you – our readers – we raised the funds that were needed!

It is our great pleasure to announce that we will be launching the new OurWitness website on March 3rd! It will be a unified social media platform for people around the world to share stories of what God is doing in their lives. It will include many amazing new features, such as a live chat which will allow us to interact with our readers in a more personal way.

As March 3rd draws nearer, be on the look-out for more information regarding the new, ground-breaking OurWitness social media platform. Please help us to raise awareness for the new site by spreading the word to your friends, relatives, colleagues and church-family. We are over-joyed to bring you this new platform which will connect believers around the world and lift up the name of Jesus on a whole new level!

To keep updated on the OurWitness Online Launch, check here:

網上Witness活動於2010年1月源於三位居住在洛杉磯的朋友開設基督教見證博客的概念。蒙神的福,Witness 2.0 網絡已在三年半的時間延伸到四個不同的城市:香港、多倫多、三藩市以及最新的首爾!
隨著我們網絡的發展及讀者的增長,我們察覺到我們希望與您- 我們的讀者- 在更個人的層面互動、透過更多的資源與您聯繫以及為您提供一個更強大的一站式平台,讓您能閱讀及分享有關神在世界不同城市作工的故事。經過多月來與網站設計及開發的團隊合作,我們創作了嶄新的平台- OurWitness。我們在去年八月舉行了籌款活動為新平台籌款,而因為有您們- 我們的讀者- 慷慨的支持,我們籌得所需的款項!
我們很高興宣布,我們的新平台OurWitness 將於3月3日亮相!這將會是一個能讓世界各地的人分享神在他們的城市作工的統一社交媒體平台。這平台將有很多非常棒的新功能,包括即時聊天讓我們能更個人化地與我們的讀者互動。



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