Xian: "I Was Made To Be a Light" // "我為作主的光而活"

Xian shares about bringing hope to the underprivileged in this “I Was Made To___” testimony. Xian在WitnessHK的「我為…而活」短片系列中,分享他如何把希望帶到社會上的弱勢群體。


Christina: "I Was Made to Sing" // "我為唱歌而活"

During her darkest days, Christina cried out to God and He answered by reassuring her of His great love for her. Christina在最黑暗的日子向神呼求,祂亦以祂的愛回應了她。

Faith: "I Was Made To Worship" // “我為敬拜而活”

Faith: “I Was Made To Worship” // “我為敬拜而活”

Faith kicks off our video “I Was Made To ____” testimony. Faith的分享是我們第一個“我為____而活”見證。


Daegal: I Was Made To Have a Heart of Worship // 我為了擁有一顆敬拜的心而活

God transformed Daegel’s hardened heart into one that desired to worship purely. Daegal分享神如何將他固執的心轉化為一顆單單渴望敬拜的心。


Announcing: "I Was Made To _____" // 「我為____而活」

Do you know for what purpose you were created? 您知道您被創造的原因嗎?

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