When Jesus is in a Marriage

When Jesus is in a Marriage // 有著耶和華為中心的婚姻

No couple likes a third wheel … but here’s an exception. 沒有人喜歡電燈泡……但總有例外。

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Brothers // 兄弟 [Re-post // 重登]

由弟弟出生那天開始,我跟他仿佛結下了不解之怨.  A seed of resentment seems to have been planted between us.


Looking Back at a Journey on His Road // 回顧在祂的路上

學習從祂的眼目看,發覺原來可以完全不一樣。 Learning to see from God’s eyes, realizing that everything can be different.


Faith Reaction // 信仰反應 [Reblogged from WitnessSF.org]

Editor Miranda shares about how she came to terms with faith, what it truly means to her, and how big a role it played in her life right from the start. WitnessSF 編輯 Miranda分享她如何跟信仰妥協、信實對她的意義以及信實如何從她生命一開始便扮演著重要的角色。 I’m sure we’ve all heard it said that…


Something White // 白色的嫁衣

Tomorrow is a big day for me. 明天是個大日子。

been there

Been There All Along // 一直伴著我

And then suddenly, in the midst of my feelings of shame as I reflected on my past, I felt the Voice of comfort and forgiveness flood into my heart… 突然間,在這羞愧的感覺之中,我感受到祂安慰和寬恕的聲音灌注了我的心、也感受到一把溫柔


Forgetting is not Forgiving // 忘記不等於寬恕

Oh, how little did I know about the depths of my own heart! 天啊,我對我自己的內心深處真的是一無所知呢!


From Curses to Blessings // 化咒詛為祝福

化咒詛為祝福 — 菲律賓人質事件後感 //  From Curses to Blessings – Reflection Upon the Philippines Hostage Incident 


Two Generations Walk Together // 兩代同行

是時候讓我們起來回應神的呼召,回到神的誡命裡,正如我們的上一代一樣。 It is time we rise to God’s calling, to live in His commandment, just as our previous generations did.

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