Trust instead of Complaints // 不投訴、只信賴

Whether I can go back home that day or not, I still trust God because HE will give me the best.  無論那天我可不可以回鄉,我也信賴神,因為祂將最好的留給我。


My mother: My Beacon of Hope // 我媽媽:帶著希望的燈塔

The biggest testimony that God has shown me in my life is my mother. 我的媽媽就是神讓我看見的最大見證。


True Forgiveness // 真正的寬恕

什麼是真正的寬恕?這是一個很長的故事…真的是很長。What is true forgiveness? This is a really, really long story.


Brothers // 兄弟

由弟弟出生那天開始,我跟他仿佛結下了不解之怨… Since the day my little brother was born, a seed of resentment seems to have been planted between us.


Simple Action, Extraordinary Love // 簡單的行動,不簡單的愛

823後,眼見在香港或在菲律賓的空氣中都瀰漫著憤怒和悲傷. Ever since the 8.23 Incident, there has been much anger and sorrow surrounding Hong Kong and the Philippines. 


Movie Tickets // 戲票

坦白說,本人不曾是抽獎遊戲的贏家… I usually never win lucky draws.

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