Power of Prayer // 禱告的力量

Prayer often helps reveal our deeper purpose in life. 禱告經常幫助我們揭示生命裡更深層的目的。


A Spiritual Fire Alarm // 心靈的火警警號

A fire alarm interrupts Sharon’s work day, but it turns out to be a different kind of fire. 火警警號打擾了Sharon上班的時間,但原來這是一種另類的火。


God Hears My Prayer // 神聽到我的禱告

God reignites and revives a lost passion in ways Kylie could never imagine. Check out her story. 神透過Kylie 想不到的方法重燃和復興了一股失去了的熱誠。來看看她的故事吧!

I Was Made to Sing // 我是為了唱歌而活

Martin Smith: I Was Made to Sing // Martin Smith: 我是為了唱歌而活

Martin Smith talks about how he does what he loves for the One he loves. Martin Smith講敘他如何為了他愛的祂做他愛的事。

Zicht op Rhijnauwen

His Promise Turned to Reality // 祂的承諾變成了事實

In Joshua 1:6, “Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land…” 約書亞記1:6:“你當剛強壯膽!因為你必使這百姓承受那地為業⋯⋯“

Solomon: I Was Made to Live by Faith and not by Sight // Solomon: 我是為了依靠信心而非眼前所見而活

Solomon: I Was Made to Live by Faith and not by Sight // Solomon: 我是為了依靠信心而非眼前所見而活

I’ve always loved music … and I could only do it after I surrendered everything. 我一直都很愛音樂⋯⋯但要是我沒有放棄一切,我根本不能成為一位音樂人。


I Was Made to Pay God’s Love Forward // 我是為了傳揚神的愛而活的

「愛」不需要用複雜的定義,看看這弟兄如何分享上帝的愛? “Love” does not need a complicated definition, here’s how this brother shares God’s love!


Carmen: "I Was Made to Live" // "我是為了生存而活"

Carmen rediscovers her purpose of living in God. Carmen重新找到她活在主裡的人生目標。


Marienne: "I Was Made To Know God" // "我是為了認識神而活"

My life has a purpose and a goal – knowing Jesus for who He truly is. 我的生命有一個目的和目標 - 去真真正正地認識耶和華。

Faith: "I Was Made To Worship" // “我為敬拜而活”

Faith: “I Was Made To Worship” // “我為敬拜而活”

Faith kicks off our video “I Was Made To ____” testimony. Faith的分享是我們第一個“我為____而活”見證。

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