Abba House的奇妙短宣之旅 // Mission Trip at Abba House

因主的慈愛,我和我的Light Club家庭成員從泰國Abba House的宣教行回港了。 By the grace of God, I’ve returned from the mission at Abba House in Thailand with my Light Club family. 


Awe // 敬畏

Do you sometimes feel that healing is for other and not for yourself? 您會否覺得神只會醫治別人但不會醫治自己?

A New Language

A New Language, A New Hope // 新的語言、新的希望

This past year has been filled with the most challenging problems I have ever experienced.  過去一年對我來說充滿了我人生裡最具挑戰性的種種問題。


Rescued From the Hands of Death // 從死亡的手中被拯救

There were 3 instances in my life when I almost died from illness. 我人生裡一共有三次幾乎因病而死。


A Day Full of Miracles // 充滿奇蹟的一天

身為主的兒女,你有否期盼著充滿徵兆和奇蹟的一生嗎? As a child of God, do you expect to live a life full of signs and wonders?


Something White // 白色的嫁衣

Tomorrow is a big day for me. 明天是個大日子。

good things

Good Things Come in Small Packages Too // 好事也會以小祝福出現

Being a new Christian, I have seen and heard a lot about the great changes God has done to our lives. 作為新的基督徒,我聽聞過關於神為我們帶來的改變。


I Saw an Arm Grow Before My Own Eyes! // 我親眼看見一隻手臂變長

For lack of a more sophisticated title, I decided to write exactly what happened. 因為我想不到一個比較深奧的標題,所以我決定實實在在地寫出所發生的事情。


If God is a DJ // 如果主是一個DJ

I’m gonna tell you about a struggle which other actors don’t tend to talk about very often. 我將會告訴你一個其它演員不太常講的心理鬥爭。


Signs // 約定

彩虹對我來說,有着特別的意義… To me, rainbows have a special meaning…

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