Wendy Tad

Tinder, God and Marriage // “Tinder” “神” 和 ”婚姻“

“Tinder”, “God” and “Marriage” aren’t words that you would normally put together but in Wendy’s case, they sum up her latest testimony on her relationships – with God and with her husband. // “Tinder (交友程式)” “神” 和 ”婚姻“ 是三個一般不會被放在一起的詞語,可是它們卻恰當地總結了Wendy最近關於她與神和她丈夫的關係的見證。


Ambassadors of Action: Witnessing a Movement // 行動大使:見證一個運動

Our Voice Kytia continues her interview series here on WitnessLA called “Ambassadors of Action.”

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Journey of Learning: Lesson #3 // 一個旅程的學習 (第三課)

我會繼續等待下一站,神帶領的愛的下一站。 I will wait for the next stop, where His Love leads me.


Bike Trip // 單車之旅

A bicycling adventure in Hainan reveals God’s guidance and provision during unexpected challenges. 到海南單車環島行,從未料到的考驗中看到神的帶領和供應。


A Journey of Learning: Lesson #2 // 一個旅程的學習(第二課)

祂的愛是無限無底線,我們要幾多,祂總會比更多!God’s love is without limits and boundaries. He always gives us more than we need!


Xian: "I Was Made To Be a Light" // "我為作主的光而活"

Xian shares about bringing hope to the underprivileged in this “I Was Made To___” testimony. Xian在WitnessHK的「我為…而活」短片系列中,分享他如何把希望帶到社會上的弱勢群體。


A Journey of Learning: Lesson #1 // 一個旅程的學習 (第一課)

願Coria的經歷也成為您的祝福。Coria shares her encounter with the Lord as her provider.


Abba House的奇妙短宣之旅 // Mission Trip at Abba House

因主的慈愛,我和我的Light Club家庭成員從泰國Abba House的宣教行回港了。 By the grace of God, I’ve returned from the mission at Abba House in Thailand with my Light Club family. 

teach worship

Those Who Teach Me How To Worship [Reblogged from Johanna’s blog]

  “God’s presence is always so tangible in the most impossible situations, and He chooses to dwell intimately with the humble and lowly ones. “ Worship leader Johanna reflects upon what she has learnt about worship from traveling around the world.…

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