God-written Love Stories // 神所寫的愛情故事

Check back as we share with you God-written love stories… just in time for Valentine’s Day! 情人節快到了⋯⋯我們即將在這裡與你分享一系列神所寫的愛情故事!

Jesus Holiday Card

Holiday Card to Jesus // 給耶和華的聖誕卡

Dear Jesus, Season’s greetings! Merry Christmas! Or actually, I should say, Happy Birthday! In this busiest time of the year, as we’re off fretting with holiday shopping, family visits and office parties, I wanted to shoot you this quick message…


Ambassadors of Action: Witnessing a Movement // 行動大使:見證一個運動

Our Voice Kytia continues her interview series here on WitnessLA called “Ambassadors of Action.”

When Jesus is in a Marriage

When Jesus is in a Marriage // 有著耶和華為中心的婚姻

No couple likes a third wheel … but here’s an exception. 沒有人喜歡電燈泡……但總有例外。


Finding Joy // 尋找喜樂

Our editor Penny shares about her breakthrough in faith and how it changed her view of God forever. WitnessHK編輯Penny分享她在信仰上的突破,及這經歷如何徹底改變她和神之間的關係。 

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The Daily Grind // 每日研磨

你有覺得工作充滿挑戰嗎?我們的一位讀者分享對工作的一些想法。 Finding your job challenging? A reader shares some thoughts on work.


Missing Out // 錯過

會否錯過,在乎今天的你。 Whether to miss out or not – it’s your choice today.


Walking With Faith // 與信仰同行

From walking on rocky roads to walking in faith was His amazing plan. 從走在崎嶇的道路到走在信仰的道路是祂美妙的安排。


Brothers // 兄弟 [Re-post // 重登]

由弟弟出生那天開始,我跟他仿佛結下了不解之怨.  A seed of resentment seems to have been planted between us.

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