I Was Made to Pay God’s Love Forward // 我是為了傳揚神的愛而活的

「愛」不需要用複雜的定義,看看這弟兄如何分享上帝的愛? “Love” does not need a complicated definition, here’s how this brother shares God’s love!

God's Perfect Plan

God’s Perfect Plan // 主的完美計劃

I confess.  I am a plan-oholic.  I love planning and I even make plans to plan.   我招供。我是一個計劃狂。我愛計劃,我甚至計劃去計劃。


A Journey of Learning: Lesson #2 // 一個旅程的學習(第二課)

祂的愛是無限無底線,我們要幾多,祂總會比更多!God’s love is without limits and boundaries. He always gives us more than we need!


Marienne: "I Was Made To Know God" // "我是為了認識神而活"

My life has a purpose and a goal – knowing Jesus for who He truly is. 我的生命有一個目的和目標 - 去真真正正地認識耶和華。


Christina: "I Was Made to Sing" // "我為唱歌而活"

During her darkest days, Christina cried out to God and He answered by reassuring her of His great love for her. Christina在最黑暗的日子向神呼求,祂亦以祂的愛回應了她。


Announcing: "I Was Made To _____" // 「我為____而活」

Do you know for what purpose you were created? 您知道您被創造的原因嗎?

Passion for the Next Generation Stella

Passion for the Next Generation // 對下一代的熱情

I used to dread going to work just because I wasn’t teaching a subject that I was passionate about in my college. 從前,我畏懼上班,只因為我在大學裡任教的不是我喜歡的科目。


Changing Perspective to See God’s Grace // 改變角度去領會神的恩典

Every time when I read other people’s testimonies, I always thought what testimony did I personally have that was worthy of sharing with other people. 每次在讀別人的見證的時候,我都在想說自己有甚麼見證是值得寫給其他人看的。


An Ever Present Love // 永不離開的愛

「連頭髮也數過」這句話真正的意思是什麼呢? What does “the very hairs of your head are all numbered” really mean?


Rachel Tan // 陳泳

On behalf of the WitnessHK team, Chung says farewell as our princess Rachel T leaves to join the WitnessLA team. We love you! Blessings you to and Dan! 編輯蔣臨代表WitnessHK祝福我們的公主Rachel T越洋去成為WitnessLA的一份子。我們愛妳!祝福妳和Dan!

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