My Journey With God

My Journey with God // 我和神的旅程

Have you ever felt so certain that you know it is, indeed, the answer that you have been looking for? 您試過非常肯定面前的一切,就是您一直所尋找的答案嗎?


Just a Thought: Postcard // 明信片

For me, the difference between knowing about God and actually experiencing Him… 對我來講,認識神有別於真正體驗祂


Faith Reaction // 信仰反應 [Reblogged from]

Editor Miranda shares about how she came to terms with faith, what it truly means to her, and how big a role it played in her life right from the start. WitnessSF 編輯 Miranda分享她如何跟信仰妥協、信實對她的意義以及信實如何從她生命一開始便扮演著重要的角色。 I’m sure we’ve all heard it said that…


An Ever Present Love // 永不離開的愛

「連頭髮也數過」這句話真正的意思是什麼呢? What does “the very hairs of your head are all numbered” really mean?


Blessings from Worship Central // 來自Worship Central的祝福

“His presence was so liberating.” As Christians we all know this to be true but a lot of us have also struggled with coming into His presence, with ‘feeling’ it. Editor Will shares with us an encounter with God after…

been there

Been There All Along // 一直伴著我

And then suddenly, in the midst of my feelings of shame as I reflected on my past, I felt the Voice of comfort and forgiveness flood into my heart… 突然間,在這羞愧的感覺之中,我感受到祂安慰和寬恕的聲音灌注了我的心、也感受到一把溫柔


A Letter to Father // 給爸爸的信

親愛的天父爸爸,對不起。Dear heavenly Father, Sorry.


Self-control is not a burden // 自制不是一個負擔

Rachel shares God’s gentle reminder to her about self-control and the fruit of the Spirit.


Expectations// 期望

在教會裡,有兩件我不明白的事情常常發生… There are two things that happen quite often at church that I don’t quite understand…


Just the Way I Am // 在祂眼裡有多美麗

For the last month or so I have been praying to God to bring my heart to the ‘right place’. 在過去的一個月,我不停地禱告希望神能把我的心帶到「正確的地方」。

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