Amenpapa: The Next Step // Amenpapa: 下一步

It has been nearly a year since we first posted Amenpapa founder Salina Yam’s ‘I Was Made To…’ video. Since then, Salina has married and opened up Amenpapa’s first retail shop in Silvercord Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. We check back…


Ambassadors of Action: Witnessing a Movement // 行動大使:見證一個運動

Our Voice Kytia continues her interview series here on WitnessLA called “Ambassadors of Action.”

After God's Very Own Heart(2)

After God’s Very Own Heart // 追求神的心意

How can those who are poor in spirit be blessed? Jess shares with us how she let go of her own wants during her job search and decided to chase after God’s very own heart.

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The Daily Grind // 每日研磨

你有覺得工作充滿挑戰嗎?我們的一位讀者分享對工作的一些想法。 Finding your job challenging? A reader shares some thoughts on work.

Henry & Roger: IWMT Revitalize HK Christian Music // 我們為活化香港基督教音樂而活

Henry & Roger: IWMT Revitalize HK Christian Music // 我們為活化香港基督教音樂而活

Brothers Henry & Roger Chung share their heart for the Hong Kong Christian Music scene.


Higher Ways // 更高的旨意

The corporate world has its ups and downs. Read how God carried our editor Paul through one of his biggest down moments. 起起跌跌是企業世界的常情。這篇見証分享神如何帶領WitnessHK編輯Paul走過他人生的一個低谷。


More than Just Great Basketball // 不單單是厲害的籃球球技

God can use many things to encourage us – even the NBA. 神可以用很多事情來鼓勵我們 - 甚至是美國職籃。


God Hears My Prayer // 神聽到我的禱告

God reignites and revives a lost passion in ways Kylie could never imagine. Check out her story. 神透過Kylie 想不到的方法重燃和復興了一股失去了的熱誠。來看看她的故事吧!

I Was Made to Share God's Word Through Fashion//我是為了透過時裝分享神的話而活

I Was Made to Share God’s Word Through Fashion//我是為了透過時裝分享神的話而活

The fashion industry began as just a job for Salina, but God had bigger plans. 時裝業一開始對Salina來講只是一份工作,但是神有著更大的計劃。

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