DTR by Jason Chu // DTR (界定關係) by Jason Chu

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What do those awkward side hugs or late night text messaging mean? Check out Jason Chu’s music video on how/when/why to DTR!
那些尷尬的側面單手擁抱和那些午夜短訊對話到底是什麼意思呢?Jason Chu的MV告訴你如何、何時以及為何要DTR (界定關係)!

Have you ever had a DTR?

Our good friend and WitnessLA contributor Jason Chu just released this hilarious and fun music video take on the ups and downs of Christian dating.

There are definitely some great laughs in it, but there are also some thoughtful ideas on how, as Believers, we should approach dating.  At what point do you ask God about someone you’re interested in?  Does He get a say in your dating life?


我們的好友,WitnessLA 的要員,Jason Chu 剛剛發了這個關於基督徒約會的高與低的有趣的音樂短片。


For Chinese subtitles, hover your mouse pointer over the closed caption (cc or “Captions”) button on the bottom right of the video player and select “Chinese”
如想開啓中文字幕,請將游標移至影片播放器右下角的隱藏式輔助字幕 (cc或 “Captions”) 按鈕,然後選擇“中文”

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