Name/名字: Elsie Lee

Role: Translator

Home church: Chinese Rhenish Church Kowloon

Where are you from? HK

Why I’m with WitnessHK (or testimony): I heard about WitnessHK about 2 years ago, from a friend of mine, Cecilia. At that time, she was doing some translations for the website. The website caught my interest and from then on I heard updates from Cecilia from time to time. Until early 2013, Cecilia invited me to a meeting about the development and plans for WitnessHK in the coming year. I was happy about the invitation, since I had wanted to find additional ways to serve God in 2013 and had been praying about it. Actually, since schooldays, I have been involved in different kinds of translating work,although not deliberately, my translation skills have been enhanced through different opportunities. Doing translations for WitnessHK means I can use these skills that God has given me, to serve Him and spread His words to even more hearts.
我如何加入WitnessHK: 大概兩年前,我從我的朋友Cecilia那裏第一次聼到WitnessHK,當時她幫WitnessHK做一些翻譯的工作。其實那個時候WitnessHK已經引起我的興趣,然後時不時我都會從Cecilia口中聽到一些新消息。直到2013年頭,Cecilia邀請我參加一個有關WitnessHK未來一年的發展和計劃的聚會。當時我真的很開心,因爲我一直想在更多方面去服侍神、為祂作工,也為此禱告。其實,從學生時代開始,我不刻意地有許多翻譯的機會,而我的翻譯技巧也在不經不覺中慢慢成長。現在,透過幫WitnessHK做翻譯也是好好運用神為我準備的,去服侍祂,將祂的話語散播到更多的心靈中。

Three words to describe myself: Sincere, spontaneous, kind-hearted
請用三個詞語形容自己: 真誠、自然,、善良

Three things you like to do in your spare time: cooking, reading, learning new things
我在空餘時間喜歡做的三件事 烹飪、閲讀、學新東西

Favorite story / type of testimonies: Testimonies where God is using one’s life to have good influence on other lives
最喜愛的見證種類: 神以生命影響生命的作工

Favorite movie: Harry Potter
最喜歡的電影: 《哈利波特》

Favorite Bible verse: For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. (Matthew 7:8)

Describe your perfect Saturday afternoon: Have a relaxing brunch with friends, then walk around the community or have a little outing to enjoy the nice scenery.
我心目中完美的星期六下午: 首先跟朋友享用一頓輕鬆的早午餐,然後在附近的社區走走,或者到郊外郊遊欣賞一下風景。

Life is …: full of surprises!

Words of encouragement
: God has His plan for everyone. Just because we don’t understand God’s plans, does not mean that he is not with us.
勉勵說話: 對於每個人神都有祂的計劃。只因爲我們不明白祂的計劃,不代表祂沒有與我們同在

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