Faith Like a Child // 像孩童的信心

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Simple Faith

Prayers don’t have to be complicated to be powerful. You just need to believe. 有力的禱告不一定很複雜,你只需要相信。

There was a boy in my class today who had a stomachache all day and had to lay down a few times throughout the entire day. Near the end of the day he was lying down and I sat with him and asked how he was doing. He said that his stomach was still hurting. I shared with him that when I’m not feeling well, one of the things that I do is pray to God to ask him to heal me. Then I asked him if he wanted to pray with me to ask God for healing. He agreed and so we prayed a simple prayer:

“Dear God, please make my tummy feel better, it has been hurting all day, I know you want to make me better and I know that you can make my tummy feel better. Amen”.

I was about to ask him after if he still wanted to lay down but he had already gotten up and simply said “My tummy is all better now” and then he went on his way to go play with the other children.

I pray that I have this faith and I hope this encourages you to simply believe.


- Gordon







- Gordon

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