God Hears My Prayer // 神聽到我的禱告

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God reignites and revives a lost passion in ways Kylie could never imagine. Check out her story.

神透過Kylie 想不到的方法重燃和復興了一股失去了的熱誠。來看看她的故事吧!

I’m a musical actress and have been vocalist for the past 6 years, as well as TV presenter for a few years. In 2007, I even came close to using up my savings for voice and theatre training in Paris.

Following my last stage of acting in Japan in 2008, I began singing in the pop arena, appearing on shows every week and occasionally on TV. At that time, you could say, singing was in my genes. I could sing any song just by hearing it 3 times.

But one day, my interest in singing vanished. I just stopped, lost all confidence to sing and even refused to listen to any music.

I even started swing dancing because I could stay silent on dance floor. But then again, how does one dance without music? I listened to jazz every time I danced. There were many live bands and big band concerts. Soon enough, music was in my mind again.

Over the past 2 years, I had been constantly praying, “God, sorry that I lost confidence in the ability that you gave me. I believe you will put me on stage when you think I’m ready, and I would like to start singing with a big band when you say I can. Amen.”

And now, I’m here to tell you – how great is our God!

In 2010, I got a chance to sing one song with the Beijing Big Band in China. Then, just last week, after a year and a half, I was finally invited to sing Fever and Autumn Leaves with a brand new orchestra in the first-ever Youth Big Band Fest in Hong Kong. But I was faced with a challenge: I had never sung these two songs before and both were in a low key that was not within my ideal vocal range.

However, as a Christian, we should always embrace the challenges God allows to come our way. For me, this meant I could explore and learn more through the difficulties. I practiced every day for more than 3 weeks, recorded the rehearsals and made revisions. The support from all the professional musicians was amazing, the conductor taught me about Big Band Jazz and friends taught me the groove. I started to sing as a newbie again.

In addition, as an Emcee of the concert, I researched the facts of every song that every orchestra played. Today, I know at least 20 of the songs. I believe this was all also part of God’s orchestration. Why? Who knows? GOD Knows!

Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care

This is what I sing to God!




我甚至開始跳搖擺舞,因為我在舞池上可以保持沈默。不過話說回來,跳舞怎會沒有音樂呢? 我每次跳舞的時候都會聽著爵士樂。那裡有著很多現場表演的樂隊以及著名樂隊的音樂會。沒多久,音樂又出現在我的腦海了。



2010年,我有機會在中國跟北京大樂團唱一首歌。然後,就上個禮拜, 一年半後,我終於被邀請跟一隊全新的管弦樂團在香港第一屆青年爵士大樂隊節合作演唱“Fever”和“Autumn Leaves”。可是,我面對著一個困難:我從來沒有唱過那兩首歌,而且兩首歌都在我理想音域以外的低音區。







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