God’s Perfect Plan // 主的完美計劃

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God's Perfect Plan

I confess.  I am a plan-oholic.  I love planning and I even make plans to plan.   我招供。我是一個計劃狂。我愛計劃,我甚至計劃去計劃。

Back in March, when I was asked by my dear friend Rachel to be a bridesmaid at her September wedding in LA, I said yes without any hesitation. But in truth, I was a little worried that I might not be able to make it in the end, because I was also scheduled to help my sister settle into college in the fall.  Since my sister hadn’t decided which college she wanted to attend yet, everything was up in the air and very little was up to me to plan.  For a plan-oholic, it didn’t feel good.  Just thinking about it was already stressing me out.  The wedding date was later confirmed to be September 18th, and U.S. universities normally start in August.  Even if their timings didn’t clash, I was worried that I would be making two trips to the States and that would be A LOT to plan, even for someone who loves to plan.

When my sister finally decided in June that she would attend UCLA, we found out that UCLA was one of the few universities that start late in September. The university she chose (obviously based on other reasons) was in the same city as the wedding—what are the chances, right?  But I was still worrying and preparing for the worst … Was it possible that I would actually be in L.A. but still couldn’t attend the wedding due to the time clash?  That would be a total bummer.  Or what if the start of term and the wedding were a couple weeks apart?  Should I stay in the States or should I fly to L.A. twice in the same month?  All these dates weren’t in my control, so all I could do then was close my eyes and desperately pray that everything would work out—that I could share the joy with my dear friend on one of the biggest days in her life, and also help my little freshman sister embark on the next chapter of her life.

To cut the long story short, as things unfolded (orientation timetable discovered at the last minute, and wedding rehearsals rescheduled), God answered my prayers and the timing of everything actually fit so perfectly together!  It could not have been better even if everything was up to me to plan.  I was able to attend the rehearsals while my sister was at orientation.  On the 16th, Step 1: My mom and I helped my sister move into her dorm; Step 2: Attended wedding rehearsal; Step 3: Had dinner with mom, then sent her to the airport.  The 17th was the last rehearsal and prayer meeting, and the wedding was for the full day on the 18th!  My mom was actually going to fly back with me after the wedding, but my grandma fell and bumped her head in HK (she quickly recovered, thanks to the grace of God) so my mom had to leave L.A. a couple days earlier on the 16th.  It actually worked out better so I didn’t have to worry about leaving her by herself for too long while I was at rehearsals or the wedding.  God REALLY had everyone covered and taken care of!

God’s amazing plan for us all was further manifested on the day of the wedding.  Before the wedding, the bridal party all had their little worries about the weather because it was so gloomy on the rehearsal dates, but we remained faithful in God’s provision and prayed in unity. And ta-da, God was totally telling us that all we needed to do was to have faith in His plan.  The weather was perfect and everything went so smoothly, even though we only had limited rehearsal time and all the bridesmaids were so sure that we were going to trip walking on grass with our heels on.

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.  Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7) (NLT)

So here’s my final confession:

Dear God, the greatest planner of all,

Here I am passing You the pen to script my life story.  I trust in Your divine plan with all my heart. Thank you God for all you have done for me. I promise to stop worrying about my future here and now. 

Cecilia the plan-oholic no more


今年三月,當我親愛的朋友Rachel邀請我在她九月的婚禮上當她的姊妹時,我毫不猶豫地答應了;但說真的,我有一點擔心我到最後不能赴會,因為我已經安排了在秋天送妹妹進大學。因為當時妹妹還沒有決定要去那一所學校,全部計劃也不能確定,而且大部份事情也不是在我的控制之內。對一個計劃狂來講,這一點都不好受。光想著這事情已經足以令我非常頭痛了。 後來得知婚禮日期定於九月十八號,而美國的大學大多在八月開學。就算時間上沒有衝突,我也擔心著我需要飛兩次美國,那就算對一個愛計劃的人來講也需要太多計劃了吧。

當妹妹在六月終於決定要入讀UCLA(加州大學-洛杉磯分校),我們發現UCLA是其中一間少有的在九月底才開學的大學。她選的那所大學位於的城市竟然跟婚禮一樣,這也太巧合了吧?但是,我還是在擔心並作出最壞的打算⋯我有可能人已身在洛杉磯但因為時間上的衝突不能參加這婚禮嗎?這絕對是太令人失望了吧。或者,要是大學學期開始跟婚禮差距幾個禮拜又教我怎麼辦呢?我到底應該留在美國還是一個月裡飛兩次美國呢?這些時間安排全非我控制之內,所以我所能做的只有閉上眼和拼命地祈禱祈求所有事情都能發生 - 讓我能跟我親愛的朋友分享她在人生裡其中一個最重要的日子的喜悅,也讓我能幫我的大學一年生妹妹展開她人生裡的新一頁。






我現在把編寫我人生故事的筆交托給祢。我全心全意地相信祢神聖的計劃。 主,謝謝祢為我所做的一切!我承諾,我從現在開始不再為我的未來擔心了。




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