God’s Protection // 神的保護

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When I was 10, my parents divorced. I felt that I have lost warmth in my family so I began to dislike going home.  十歲時,父母就離婚了,我覺得失去了家庭溫暖,開始不喜歡回家。

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Because my family is Christian, I have believed in God since I was very young. However, I have never lived up to the basic obligations of a true Christian.

When I was 10, my parents divorced. I felt that I have lost warmth in my family so I began to dislike going home. In order to fill the emptiness in my heart, I hung around nightclubs, living a life of decadence. My life in the nightclubs put me through a lot of unspeakable harms, including being raped….

Subsequently, I had a boyfriend who was really into gambling and I began working at the nightclubs, which was when I first came across drugs. I lost myself in drugs, because I felt that drugs could help me forget everything and escape from the helplessness of life! However, taking drugs also made me lose everything. It made my family feel upset and hurt because of me, it gave me a very serious stomach illness, and it made my depression more serious.

At that time, I had already completely given up on myself.  Nevertheless, God did not give up on me. He was always in my heart. During my decadence, He talked to me but I chose to avoid Him and I chose to dwell in decadence. Finally, one day, due to a drug overdose, my stomach hurt so much that I was hospitalized.  That was when I started to feel scared.

However, I was unable to withdraw from drugs. After I was discharged from the hospital, I repeated my mistakes…

I was completely controlled by drugs. One day when I was using drugs again, God suddenly spoke to me. He said, “Even though no one else understands your pain, I do. Remember that I will always love you. Put down the pain from your past and forgive the people who have hurt you before. I am always here waiting for you to come back to me!” From that day onwards, I was determined to quit drugs. I prayed to God every day for strength to overcome the temptation of drugs. It was very painful at the beginning but whenever I was struggling internally, I kept praying. I kept praying until I successfully quit drugs without the need to be admitted to a rehabilitation center.

Thank you God. When everyone thought I should be admitted to a rehabilitation center and when everyone thought that I was a hopeless case, God was the only one who didn’t look down on me. Jesus is the only one who could fill the emptiness in our hearts! Because of His blessings, I was able to stand up again.

Thank you Jesus and thank you to my family and friends who stood by me during this journey of recovery! I hope that my experience could help those who are experiencing a similar journey.







我已被毒品完全控制了。當有一天我又在吸毒的時候,神突然和我說話,祂說:「雖然沒人瞭解你的痛,但我都知道,記得我永遠愛你。放下以前的痛,原諒傷害過你的人,我一直在等你回來!」 從那天起我下定決心,這次一定要成功戒毒。我每一天禱告求神給我力量,勝過毒品的誘惑,開始時真的非常辛苦,但當我內心掙扎時,我便不斷禱告,到最後終於在沒有進入戒毒所的情況下,成功把毒品戒掉了!





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