Healing Hands // 治愈之手

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Alex’s job was to heal others but when he came down with a severe medical condition, it was God who proved Himself as the Great Physician.

I am a surgeon and have worked in a government hospital for the past 10 years. In studying embryology, I found it incredibly fascinating that every cell and organ of a fetus would move to a pre-set position at a particular time. This programmed fetal development proved to me that there is a Creator.

I became a Christian in 1998, during my first year of medical school. When a preacher preached to me and prayed with me on campus, a strong feeling of love and peace came over me like a warm current. I thought of my sins against God and man like my family and my worship of idols, my arrogance towards my classmates and my hatred of others to the point where I wanted them to die. So I asked God for His forgiveness and confessed that Jesus is my personal Savior. I felt I was so loved by Jesus. I felt a strong sense of relief and peace, like the guilt which had burdened me all these years suddenly lifted from me. After I accepted Jesus as my Saviour, I became a much happier person because I knew Jesus loved me and will always help me.

In my daily work, I use many sophisticated instruments while operating and I treat my patients with reasoning and medical knowledge, but I now also believe in divine healing. Although I have helped many other people, I myself developed a medical problem.

During my first year of surgical training, I started to have severe eczema over both of my hands. I was allergic to a material in surgical gloves called latex, as well as antiseptics. My hands were so itchy I needed to use steroid cream every day.  Like a baby, I also needed to put on cotton gloves when I slept at night, because I would always scratch myself. Often times, my skin would become so dry that it would crack with some fissures appearing. I needed to scrub up before operation, rubbing my hands with the antiseptics repeatedly. I needed to use a special type of latex free gloves.

You can imagine how painful it is if you have cracks on your hands and you need to rub your hands repeatedly in a day. Some patients even asked me “Doctor, what is the problem with your hands?” It was a great stress to me, and in addition to my workload, I often felt depressed.

At that time, I did not understand that God can heal your sickness. So I turned to man. I had seen a famous dermatology professor, putting on steroid cream. He told me that if he had known me sooner, he would not have recommended that I become a surgeon. I also tried Chinese herbal medicine. But they were all of no use.

This condition haunted me for 5 years and there seemed to be no solution. I often cried out to God, “Do you want me to change my profession to a general practitioner?” However, God remained silent. Thank God for my wife, Vivian. She was my intercessor and so faithful to God. While we were still dating, she introduced the gift of the healing of the Holy Spirit to me and told me that miracles still happen today. Coming from a scientific background, of course I didn’t believe her.

The point of transition was in 2009. We attended a conference by a famous evangelist, Reinhard Bonke.

I listened to his messages on healing and during the conference, witnessed some healing miracles on back pain and ankle pain. However, I was still skeptical.

After Vivian and I were married in 2010, we prayed together every night, shared messages of faith and encouragement, watched videos on healing conferences, and listened to sermons from different pastors about healing.

Roman 10:17:

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

My faith was gradually built up by listening to the word of God. Then my hands slowly began to heal – first my left hand, then my right hand. As we continued praying, I noticed that my skin didn’t crack any more. One day, my nursing colleague noticed that I had stopped using latex-free gloves altogether. Now my skin is so smooth and I do not need to use steroid cream or wear gloves at night. This process of healing took about 9 months.

Jesus is so good because He has enabled me to continue to do my job, which I am very passionate about –  to operate and save lives.

My life of frustration has turned into a life of blessings! So brothers and sister, you can also receive the blessing now, just receive it through faith and hunger!

Jesus is the greatest physician!


我是在1998年,醫學院大學一年級那年信主。當年,有一位傳導者來到我們校園傳福音。他為我禱告時,我感受到很強烈的愛和平安,就像一股暖流擁抱着我。我回想過去的種種:得罪神和人(包括我的家人)、敬拜其他偶像、對同學的驕傲自大,以及對某些人恨之入骨等。所以我求神的寬恕,並接受耶穌基督作我的救主。我感受到被耶穌愛的感覺,也感受到心裡的解脫和平安, 就像我背起那麼多年的罪疚感突然間消失了一樣。當我邀請耶穌基督作為我的救主時,我變成了一個很開心的人,因為我知道耶穌愛我,而且會常常樂意幫助我。




當時,我不明白神是能夠醫治疾病的。所以,我很自然地向「人 」找解決辦法。我看了一位非常有名的皮膚科教授,他處方了類固醇藥膏給我。學課的教授更告訴我,如果早一點認識我,他就一定不會建議我做外科醫生。中草藥我也嘗試了,但一切都毫無效果。

這個皮膚病是我五年多來的噩夢,好像根本沒有解決方法。我時常呼叫問神:「 祢是否想我轉做一位普通科醫生呢?」但是,神依舊沉默。很感恩神賜 Vivian 給我作為太太。她是我的代禱者而且她對神非常忠心。我們還在約會時,她帶領我認識聖靈醫治的恩賜,並且告訴我現今仍有神跡奇事發生。由於我是科學背景出生,我當然沒有相信她。

2009年是一個轉捩點。我與 Vivian 參與了由一位名叫Reinhard Bonke的著名傳導,所主辦的佈道會。在佈道會中,他的信息主要是醫治,我也親眼見證了神醫治佈道會參加者脊背與腳踝疼的奇蹟。可是,我還是帶著懷疑。

我與Vivian 在2010年結婚後,每個晚上我們會一起禱告、分享信心及勵志的信息、看醫治佈道會的視頻和收聽不同牧師分享有關醫治的講道。

羅馬書 10:17


我的信心慢慢被神的話語變得剛強。之後, 我的手也開始慢慢被醫治。首先是左手,然後到右手。當我們繼續禱告時,我留意到我的皮膚再沒有龜裂了。有一天,一位護士同事留意到,我已經完全停止用不含乳膠的手套。現在,我的皮膚很細滑,而且我再不需要用類固醇藥膏或晚上戴手套。整個醫治過程大概是九個月。

耶穌太好了,因為祂讓我能夠繼續做我熱愛的工作 - 透過外科手術來拯救生命。



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