I Saw an Arm Grow Before My Own Eyes! // 我親眼看見一隻手臂變長

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For lack of a more sophisticated title, I decided to write exactly what happened. 因為我想不到一個比較深奧的標題,所以我決定實實在在地寫出所發生的事情。

For lack of a more sophisticated title, I decided to write exactly what happened. I do not know how to tone it down so that it would sound less crazy. Maybe, I do not want to embellish it because I want to tell it as it is- raw and real. I saw what I saw. The proof is in the pudding. Today, I want to put this down on record: I saw an arm grow immediately to match length of the other arm during our group prayer!

It was Healing Session week! I had to surmount several challenges which attacked me from all sides just to make it to the session. By the time I finally got my act together, the morning session was over. It was then when my best friend sent me a message telling me that I missed out on a friend’s healing. Let’s call our friend *Hannah.

“I saw Hannah’s arm grow to match length!” she said.

Now, I’ve been leading a woman’s ministry with my best friend every other week and we’ve seen a lot. Until today, our fellowship has never gone by without someone pouring out tears and sharing their hearts out. We’ve seen non-believers come to Christ, prophecies come true and lives completely turned around. But never in my life have I seen a visible and instantaneous healing of body parts! When I read it, I felt left out and I told God that I really wanted to see it to believe it 100%.

When I arrived at the afternoon session, I was pleasantly greeted by new faces who were non-believers. Our pastor whom we call ‘Ah Yee’ (meaning aunty) asked all those girls who have not measured their arms do so. Basically, we had to stand on first position like what people do in ballet classes and stretch both our arms to the side and then make our hands come together to meet in the middle. One of the new girls’ arms did not match in length.

So Ah Yee asked Hannah whose arms were healed in the morning to pray for the non-believer’s arm to grow. Everyone prayed for Hannah but she did not know what to say because she was a baby in Christ herself so she repeated after Ah Yee. After yesterday’s healing session and Ah Yee’s powerful prayer, I was so full in spirit that I had switched my thinking. Instead of having doubts, I thought to myself,

“I would be surprised if the arm didn’t grow to match length.”

As we were praying, 12 of us saw one of her arm grow to match the other. In fact, we were praying with so much enthusiasm that Ah Yee had to command it to stop on our behalf as soon as the arms were matching in their lengths. I was not dreaming.  Every single girl can testify to what happened. We even took ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. On that day, all the non-believers in that session gave their lives to Christ.

The story does not end here. I went home and one of my friends hung out with me in my room. She told me that she did not get to pray for her arms, which were not perfectly matching. I saw that they were only 0.5cm apart in length. She told me that she was going to pray for her own arm. I admired her faith but I thought,

“Ah Yee isn’t here and both of us are peers. Besides, we can do this another day when we are not drained by fatigue.”

As I was multi tasking on her; uploading photos on Facebook and listening to the song Hosanna, it happened. She prayed,

“In Jesus’ name, I command you to grow!”

Immediately, her arm grew to match the length of her other arm!

It did not happen because a great pastor was in our midst. Neither did her arm grow during a powerful prayer session in an anointed and famous church.

Our mind-blowing miracle happened in a humble apartment at Central because of a simple prayer by a girl who had faith in her Father’s love for her. Amen.

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