Hosanna!! // 和撒那!!

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Salvation! Salvation is here! Jesus is our salvation and he has come! 得救了!得救了!耶穌是為拯救我們而來!

Hello beloved readers (yes, know that you are loved).  I want to give some context first to this post – this is actually a journal entry that I wrote when I first arrived in Hong Kong with my husband a month ago. We felt the Lord calling us to move here and serve Him in Asia, so with a couple months notice, we packed up our bags and left New York. When we first got here we stayed at a hotel while looking for apartments, and we unknowingly chose a decent hotel that sat in the middle of Lockart Road Wanchai where all the “gentlemen’s clubs” are. During the day, it was pretty quiet, but at night, walking back to the hotel from the MTR station, it was a different story. I journalled this one morning while praying to the Lord and listening to the song Hosanna by Hillsong.


Salvation! Salvation is here! Jesus is our salvation and he has come!
What does Hosanna mean? Here’s a great explanation that’s a transcription of one of John Piper’s sermons:http://www.soundofgrace.com/piper83/032783e.htm


But something happened to that phrase, “hoshiya na”. The meaning changed over the years. In the psalm it was immediately followed by the exclamation: “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” The cry for help, hoshiya na, was answered almost before it came out of the psalmist’s mouth. And over the centuries the phrase hoshiya na stopped being a cry for help in the ordinary language of the Jews. Instead it became a shout of hope and exultation. It used to mean, “Save, please!” But gradually it came to mean, “Salvation! Salvation! Salvation has come!” It used to be what you would say when you fell off the diving board. But it came to be what you would say when you see the lifeguard coming to save you! It is the bubbling over of a heart that sees hope and joy and salvation on the way and can’t keep it in.

So “Hosanna!” means, “Hooray for salvation! It’s coming! It’s here! Salvation! Salvation!”

And “Hosanna to the Son of David!” means, “The Son of David is our salvation! Hooray for the king! Salvation belongs to the king!”

And “Hosanna in the highest!” means, “Let all the angels in heaven join the song of praise. Salvation! Salvation! Let the highest heaven sing the song!”

So when we sing “Hosanna” now, let’s make it very personal. Let’s make it our praise and our confidence. The Son of David has come. He has saved us from guilt and fear and hopelessness. Salvation! Salvation belongs to our God and to the Son! Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!

Jesus is the Savior of all. His blood could wash away the sins of this dirty strip of Wanchai where our hotel sits. His blood could cleanse the iniquities of this entire city. His blood alone could turn this entire world from dark to light. Forget Superman, forget Batman, not even X-men, Spiderman and the Thundercats combined could compare to the power and might of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is TRUE SALVATION. And oh my… salvation is SO GOOD that it makes me want to sing and dance and jump around kangaroo-style. This is the salvation that King David knew, this is the salvation that drives people crazy (in a good way). The truth, the foundation of knowing that our sins are forgiven, that our lives are set free, that we are to live eternally with the King of Kings because our faults have been pardoned, we are accepted unconditionally, forever.

If only the world could know this truth. If only the world could all sing together, “Hosanna!” No longer crying out for someone, anyone, to save us, but instead being able to exclaim, “We are saved!”

As I think about the streets below me, the strip clubs, the dens of iniquity, I can’t help but think of how much they need salvation. Not in a judgmental way, not saying that they need it any more than a banker or a lawyer who’s working in IFC, but gosh… if Jesus were to walk the streets of Hong Kong today, I absolutely believe the street below is one he would traverse. He would bring healing, both physical and spiritual, he would speak truth, he would call women out of the dark places and set them free. He would give them life, and life abundantly. Just like Mary Magdalene, their transformations would be great, their understandings of salvation would far exceed anything I could learn from Sunday School. Lord Jesus I pray for these women, I pray for this road and this district. I don’t know who, how or when you will bring salvation here, but Jesus, I pray that it will happen. That strip clubs will be demolished and in its place, houses of worship will be built, and oh Lord, on that day, what shouts and songs of “HOSANNA” will be brought forth, what joyful hearts will be exalting your name!

God, help me to never forget the foundational truth of salvation. Yes it’s true that one of the best things about being saved is your unconditional, fatherly love, and the ability to have a deep intimate relationship with you. But salvation – the forgiveness of ALL our sins – that is the reason, that is why you have called us to believe. It does sum up to relationship, yes – but without salvation, there would be no relationship. The only way is through Jesus.

What about you? How has Salvation touched your life? Do you want to know more? Leave us comments below!


這是某天早上我聽著Hillsong的 “和撒那”時寫的日記:


“和撒那” 是甚麼意思呢?John Piper 在他的佈道中解釋的很好:
http://www.soundofgrace.com/piper83/032783e.htm (原文英文)


“Hoshiya na”的意思改變了。詩篇裡隨後便接著“奉耶和華名來的、是應當稱頌的”。 “Hoshiya na”是求救的呼召,也在詩人開口的時候立即被答應了。就此,接下來的幾百年裡 “hoshiya na” 再不是猶太人求救的呼召卻成為帶有希望及欣喜的歡呼。它本意為“請拯救我!”,慢慢變成“得救了!得救了!”以前這是我們遇溺時喊的,現在是我們看見救生員的歡呼、是見到希望、喜悅及得救的心、是不能控制的。


而“和撒那歸於大衛的子孫!”意思是“大衛的子孫是我們的拯救!拯救歸 王!”







當我想起樓下擠滿夜總會及罪的窩巢,就不禁想起他們有多需要被拯救。我不是批判他們,但試想,如果耶穌今天在香港的街上行走,一定會在這街。祂會帶來肉體及心靈上的醫治、祂會教導真理、祂會從黑暗中呼召女人,釋放她們、祂會給她們豐盛的生命。就如抹大拉的馬利亞,她們會經歷重大的改變,她們對拯救的認識會比主日學學到的更深。主耶穌,我為這些女人禱告,我為這街道、這地區禱告。我不知道你怎樣或甚麼時候會將拯救帶到這裡,但耶穌,我祈求這事發生 – 讓脫衣舞夜總會被拆掉,讓充滿敬拜的房子建起。主啊,那天“和撒那”的歡呼聲、歌唱聲會四周響起!




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