"I Was Made To" Round 1 Winners! // 第一輪“我為__而活”的得獎者名單!

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We’re excited to announce those who have won the “I Was Made To __ ” 1040 DVDs! 我們很興奮地宣布參加“我為__而活”而贏得1040 DVD!

We’re excited to announce the first round of those who have won the “I Was Made To _____ ” 1040 DVD Giveaway!
我們很興奮地宣布第一輪參加“我為__而活”而贏得1040 DVD的得獎者!

“我為分享神的愛而活 I was made to share God’s love.” – Cheng H.

“I was made to learn the stuff I hate. I have learnt to love the stuff I hate. I love the stuff that I used to hate. There is only love and no more hate.” – dsfchong
“我是為了學習我討厭的東西而活的。我學會了愛我所討厭的。我愛我以前所討厭的東西。現在再沒有厭惡,只有愛。” – dsfchong

“I Was Made To Encourage and Lift up others.” – @klukecook
“我是為了鼓勵和激勵他人而活的。” – @klukecook

We’ll be contacting these winners individually, so keep an eye on your inbox! You can still submit your “I Was Made To _____ ” to win a DVD. For more information on how to enter, read “I Was Made To_____ Share & Win



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