Kimman – Busking for the Redeeming God // 黃劍文 – 為救贖之神街頭演唱

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Kimman’s mother committed suicide, and he wanted to end his life.  Miraculously he met a woman who was in Stanley for a reason she didn’t understand.  The conversation and prayer that followed changed his life forever.  Instead of wanting to end his life, he encountered God and was given a new reason to live.  Now he sings on the streets to honor the God that redeemed his life. 


Kimman’s singing attracted a large crowd in Causeway Bay. As we stopped and listened, it wasn’t the usual pop songs that we were expecting.  The Christian songs he sang filled the air with joy and love from above. When he shared his testimony between songs, more people stopped to listen – to listen to his story of loss, despair, contemplated suicide and then standing back up and chasing dreams. Because Kimman’s testimony brought us so much hope in Him, we asked him to share with WitnessHK, so that you can also be encouraged and inspired by this courageous brother of ours.

You can find out more about Kimman at his Facebook site –黃劍文-音樂說故事/166697823367970

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Kimman的歌聲在銅鑼灣吸引了眾多路人。當我們停下來聽的時候,他唱的並不是我們預期的流行曲。他唱的崇拜歌曲帶出了來自神的愛和喜樂。當他分享他的見證時,更多的路人停下來聽 - 聽他那喪親、絕望、考慮自殺,然後又站起來去追夢的故事。因為Kimman的見證為我們有力地帶來祂的希望,我們邀請Kimman與WitnessHK分享,好讓你們也能籍著我們這位勇敢的弟兄得到鼓勵和啓發。


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