Little Joys, Big Blessing // 小小的快樂,大大的祝福

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Small Joy

I am so happy today.  At first, it seems like it’s all because of little “insignificant” things.  我今天非常快樂!最初,快樂好像是來自於生活上的“瑣碎”小事。

I am so happy today.  At first, it seems like it’s all because of little “insignificant” things.

I have been a 2nd grade teaching assistant at a summer school for the past month and it is coming to an end tomorrow.  Everything is well and set for tomorrow’s pirate-themed farewell party. My mother and I found a suitable pirate game that only requires the limited arts and crafts resources I have at home.  I also exhausted all my baking skills and successfully produced a tray full of really cute pirate cupcakes.  Time went by so fast this afternoon because I was really enjoying myself in all this preparation work that will surely bring smiles on the kids’ faces.

I’m generally very happy after a day in school but today, the feeling of joy is much more intense than usual for some reason.  I have been dancing and humming happy tunes all evening.  Just as I was wondering why that was, it suddenly hit me that I am so happy because I am overwhelmingly grateful to my faithful God.  My family has gone through a lot in the past year.  We shared many tears and heartaches. We thought we would never be the same again.  There are still wounds to be healed and also new challenges to face, but God has led us every step of the way out of the shadow and into His light.  My family has also become much closer to God.  A year ago, I would never have imagined that we would be living such a happy family life again so soon.  For this, I thank our Lord for staying by our side and blessing us with the healing that we silently but desperately needed and also the wisdom to overcome every obstacle with love.  Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies (Psalm 36:5).

As I was singing my praises to God, I realized that the tune I was humming all evening was actually a Cantopop “oldie” from the 90’s that I haven’t listened to for the longest time.  The chorus of the song sings:

(translation of Cantonese lyrics)

Even though the world keeps on changing, there are ups and downs, meetings and partings
I can always overcome all challenges to start anew
I carry laughter
And take back all my sighs
I will live out my true style

I know this is not a Christian song but the message from God is clear to me – He has blessed me with a new life.  I am determined to live it to the fullest to spread God’s love through my actions.

- a very happy Cecilia 28.07.2011





當我為主送上讚美時,我發現我整個傍晚在哼的旋律原來是一首我很久沒有聽過的九十年代 “老歌”。那首歌的主音部份是這樣的:


我知道這不是基督教的詩歌,但對我來說,主給我的啟示非常清楚 - 祂給了我新生活的祝福。我決心要活出充實的人生,並透過我的行動去傳播主的愛。

- 非常開心的Cecilia (28.07.2011)

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