Marco Jorge: God Carries Me // Marco Jorge: 神帶領我

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“My name is Marco Julio Jorge and I was a typical Hong Kong kid; had everything I wanted. If I didn’t have something, I’d cry, beg, moan beg for it and I’d be given it. God had to do certain things in my life to really get my attention because I was a stubborn, cocky, proud boy from Hong Kong.” 「我的名字叫Marco Julio Jorge 。我生長在香港是個典型的香港孩子,擁有所有我想要的東西。 如果我沒有某些東西,我會哭鬧投訴,然後我就會被給與。 神需要在我的生命裡去作某些事才可以真正引起我的注意。」

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