Marienne: "I Was Made To Know God" // "我是為了認識神而活"

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My life has a purpose and a goal – knowing Jesus for who He truly is. 我的生命有一個目的和目標 去真真正正地認識耶和華。

God is an infinite God. He measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, measured the heavens with the span of His hand, held the dust of the earth in a basket and actually weighed the mountains on the scales and the hills in a balance (Is. 40:12).  He has no beginning and no end (Rev. 1:8).

Yet, this very God beckons me to know Him; His heart, His ways, His emotions, His will – everything about Him. He loves revealing Himself even through creation (Rom. 1:20) as they speak of His reality. When I was younger, I used to think that I had to figure Him out in my own strength, or I could only get to know Him through sermons and teachings. As I grew older, I grew more desperate for the truth. I knew there was so much more than conferences, church on Sundays and ministry work. The cry of my heart was, “I need to know this God to whom I confess my love and my vows.” because I couldn’t live my life any longer in God through what others figured out or just observe from a distance.

Christianity is a relationship with the living God: you can’t love someone you barely know. That simple revelation compelled me to go deeper in Him, seeking and finding the riches, the everlasting, overflowing joy in knowing Him. With God, there is no end to knowing Him – He’s infinite - He releases new revelation about Him every single day! He fascinates my heart; every time I think I’ve figured Him all out, He surprises me and reveals another facet of His personality, as I wait on Him. Still my prayer is that I would never fall into complacency or be overly familiar with His ways, but ask that even the simplest, most basic revelation would excite my heart.

In this journey with God, I find comfort in the fact that He answers; He has promised that He would – even the great and unsearchable things I do not know (Jer. 33:3, Matt. 7:7, Luke 11:9). It may take time, but He’s not slow in fulfilling His promises (2 Pet. 3:9).

My life has a purpose and a goal – knowing Jesus for who He truly is. Not the Jesus of the porcelain Nativity scene figurines, nor the sugarcoated Jesus who makes all things nice and rosy, nor the Jesus who is bitter and distant. I was made to know this very real God who has captured my heart and who has called me to a life of knowing Him. To count ALL things – all my achievements, gains, profits in life – a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Him (Phil. 3:8). I know I was made to know Him as much as I can and get as close as I can get. It’s impossible to know Him completely (Phil. 3:12), but it is such a worthy pursuit for which I would gladly, joyfully give my life – my strongest and my weakest years.

I was made to know God.  Just as we all were.





我的生命有一個目的和目標 - 去真真正正地認識耶和華。不是那位耶和華誕生一幕裡的瓷器塑像,不是那位被美化成能把所有事都變得美好的耶和華,也不是那位悲酸和遙遠的耶和華。我是為了認識這俘虜了我的心以及呼召我用一輩子去認識祂的神而活的。我將萬事 - 我人生裡所有的成就、得著和利益 - 當作損失,因我以認識祂為至寶(腓利比書3:8)。我知道我是為了盡我能力去認識祂並盡量拉近跟神的距離而活的。完完全全地認識祂是沒有可能的(腓利比書3:12),但這是一場很值得我樂意地、歡欣地付出我一生(包括我最強和最弱的那些年頭)的追求。




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