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    Ever consider how you would respond if Jesus Christ personally appeared to you and asked you to delete your Instagram? Now imagine you have 50,000 followers, which you worked tirelessly to gain over the last few years.

    This is exactly the predicament in which Mariah finds herself in an episode of the web series “The Casting Call”. The…

  • Unsung Heroes Collage

    We are now almost two weeks into our second social media movement on Instagram and Facebook asking people to shout out their “Unsung Hero” with a caption and a photo. These are just a few of the amazing submissions we received from around the world recently.

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    In honor of the New Year, we at OurWitness have a New Year’s resolution. This year, we want to take time to give thanks and appreciation to those who deserve it most but often go unrecognized. The people whose contributions so often occur behind the scenes.

  • Jason Chu

    At age 11, Jason Chu began what would be his long journey through sex addiction. It started with a Victoria’s Secret Angels image he saw while in the mall, something he had seen numerous times since childhood, but as Jason describes, this was the first time he really saw it.

    He raps about it in his song “No Angels,” located on his YouTube page…

  • I asked God to just let me die

    It’s a warm May evening, and how better to spend it than by chillin’ with my buddy Sergio at Rockharbor Church. Sergio is preparing to volunteer at Alpha class, the very same class that he came to know Jesus through. Class doesn’t start until 7:30 and it’s only 6, giving us some time to catch up and share some laughs. Eventually I asked “Sergio,…

  • I Never Ever Thought I Would Believe in God

    “Growing up the way I did, I was convinced there was no way God could exist.”

    It is a chilly April night in Newport Beach, and how better to spend it than enjoying a warm cup of coffee with a new friend. I met Sergio a few days ago at our mutual friend Alan’s house. Sergio and I struck up a conversation and decided to meet up for coffee in…

  • Jesus thank you for calling me back near to you, right where I belong.

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    It’s a New Year! Do you have your resolutions in place? Our Editor Al shares this story as an encouragement for you to make the one resolution that is most important. 

    Recently I was riding to church with a friend, and with New Year’s right around the corner I asked him what his New Year’s resolutions were. His answer was simple yet…

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    Have you ever felt like you missed out on an opportunity in the past, and you are still beating yourself up for not seizing it? Our editor Al shares about a similar experience in his life, and how God taught him a valuable lesson through it.
    Recently I attended a basketball game with a friend. A few hours prior to the game I noticed a few phone…

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    Have you ever become tired and worn-out along life’s journey, unsatisfied by your pursuits? In this sonnet by our Editor Al we see that Jesus is standing by, ready to show us true refreshment and satisfaction when we stop and look to him.
    Jesus your heart is like a sea
    Buried treasures of love and grace,
    Your cool waters refresh me

  • Is your mind focused on what truly satisfies? Our editor Al shares a story about how his priorities were re-aligned after coming to a realization of what is most important.
    “What joy for those whose strength comes from the Lord,
    who have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.
    When they walk through the Valley of Weeping,
     it will…

  • Our Editor Al continues his series here on WitnessLA called “Good News”. God loves us deeply, and He wants to show Himself to be good in our everyday lives. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with bad news, the articles in this series are meant to highlight God’s goodness in the lives of everyday people.

     In this next interview,…

  • Our Editor Al will be starting a new series here on Witness LA called “Good News.” God loves us deeply, and He wants to show Himself to be good in our everyday lives. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with bad news,the articles in this series are meant to highlight God’s goodness in the lives of everyday people.
    In this first…

  • Have you ever found yourself completely broke?  Without a dollar to your name, or any money coming in?  Our Story Editor Alix shares a powerful modern-day fishes and loaves story of how when he was at the end of his rope – literally down to his last dollar – he prayed to God in thankfulness and received a financial miracle.

    “Jesus then took…

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