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    Janice kept turning to the internet for help when she really should be asking God Himself.

  • Dear Heavenly Father, we lift up the prayers for all the innocent lives and victims that are currently in turmoil over in the Middle East. Praying for our Christian brothers and sisters – for their strength, courage and physical and emotional and mental well-being, safety and protection. Lord, we know that you are the ultimate protector and that…

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    i can’t see the image!

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    hi mike! :D

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    Janice worked on her faith and scored the job of most people’s dreams.

    Whenever I meet someone new and tell them what I do, the most common remark I get is, “You have the coolest job ever!” Now, I’m no rocket scientist nor am I one of those lucky singing and dancing kids on “Glee,” but I am a food writer…

  • Jesus Holiday Card

    Dear Jesus,

    Season’s greetings! Merry Christmas! Or actually, I should say, Happy Birthday!

    In this busiest time of the year, as we’re off fretting with holiday shopping, family visits and office parties, I wanted to shoot you this quick message thanking you for the impact you’ve had on my life.

    Thank you for being there even when I don’t seem…

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