More than Just Great Basketball // 不單單是厲害的籃球球技

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God can use many things to encourage us – even the NBA. 神可以用很多事情來鼓勵我們 - 甚至是美國職籃。

If you’re anywhere close to being of the same cultural background as me – Asian-American, from New York area, grew up with a brother who loved the NBA, and Christian – I can imagine that the two words “Jeremy” and “Lin” have been difficult to escape these past couple weeks. Is it even possible anymore to check your Facebook without seeing words like “Linsanity” or “Linning”? I am probably like most of you, cheering for this miraculous underdog story, but I also sympathise for those of you who are tired of this 6’3 man dominating 75% of the media around you.

In any case, I’m not here to talk about Jeremy Lin’s latest victories, or how great of a person he seems to be – humble, talented, God-fearing – though I’m definitely rooting for him. But I do feel like behind the glitz and glamour of the media magnifying this “against all odds” story, I have been inspired and God has reminded me of a few key things that actually apply to my own life.

I want to live a life of passion, but it doesn’t matter if it becomes a famous story like Lin’s. Recently I’ve found myself slipping into a rut of the same-old same-old. But I feel like God has re-awakened my passion for the things I’m good at – business, planning, strategic thinking – you know, the kind of thing where I can actually get excited over doing a PowerPoint presentation. Please don’t laugh. And sure it may never get me in front of a stadium of 50,000 people chanting my name, but I get excited when it comes to the passion God’s placed in my heart, and to use that for His glory would be such a huge reward.

I want to be a parent who trusts and encourages. Even though I haven’t even given birth to my first child yet (but I am 8 months pregnant), there is a valuable lesson to be learned from Jeremy Lin’s parents. Let’s just say that an NBA basketball star was probably the last thing Mr. and Mrs. Lin thought they would be raising. In fact, being an Asian-American in the professional American sports is not just uncommon, it’s down right rare.

And yet, in spite of getting cut from team after team after team, they encouraged him to keep at that passion God put in his heart. At least, that’s how I think it probably went down. I feel like there must have been times when his parents doubted, and perhaps his mom may have thought, “It would’ve been better if my child just became a doctor or engineer or something more stable”. But overcoming those doubts, they had faith in the Lord to take care of their son, and also, they trusted their son to be hearing from God, and not just pursuing some wild dream.

I want to be ready for when God works, and sometimes He works fast. Jeremy Lin was apparently supposed to be getting cut from the Knicks very shortly after the time he made his impressive debut. He had already been let go from 2 other NBA teams within the previous 2 months.  He didn’t have a contract with the Knicks, and he was sleeping on a teammate’s couch. But God had different plans, and He lined it up perfectly. Three star players weren’t able to play, and Jeremy had a few minutes to prove himself on the eve of being cut from the team. God opened the door, and because he had been working hard, practicing like crazy, Jeremy was able to step into that door with everything he had.

I don’t know what the Lord has in store for me in the upcoming months. I’m about to have a baby, and my husband and I are so excited! We’re young parents according to most Hong Kong standards, but we believe God’s timing is perfect. And when the Lord opens the doors in front of us, I want to be ready to give my very best.

如果你跟我的文化背景有點相近(美國華僑、跟一個熱愛籃球的哥哥於紐約長大、基督徒),我可以想像你一定逃不過林書豪這個名字的五指山。瀏覽Facebook時,怎會看不見“Linsanity”和“Linning” 這些字眼呢?我大概跟大家一樣,支持這位神奇黑馬,但是我也同情大家,因為被這位六尺三寸高的大男孩霸佔著四分之三的版面,實在有點厭倦。











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