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We want to hear your story.  We will translate your story into Chinese too to make it accessible to a wider community.

Please click on the “Post” button on the top right corner to submit your story and we may post it on the site and share it with our readers!

Topics We Love:
- Answered Prayer
- God or Odd Moments
- Miracles
- Healing
- Forgiveness
- How You Came to Christ
- Stories about the Holy Spirit
- Finding Your Calling
- Spiritual Growth and Struggles
- Provision in Times of Need
- How God Protected You

We can’t wait to read your story and see how God is moving in your life!

我們想聽您的故事。 您可以用中文寫出你的故事,讓我們來為您翻譯成英文,好讓更多人能閱讀您的故事!


- 禱告回應
- 上帝或奇特時刻
- 神蹟
- 醫治
- 寬恕
- 您怎樣認識基督
- 關於聖靈的事蹟
- 尋找自己的命定
- 屬靈上的成長與掙扎
- 神的供應
- 神的保護


- WitnessHK

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