Simple Faith is Only a Cab Ride Away//信心就是一程路 [Re-post // 重登]

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God moments can happen in the most simple situations. 

Have you ever been mocked by a cab driver in HK before? Well, I know I have been told off numerous times for taking my money out too late, not knowing the Chinese names for streets etc. Cab drivers are always in a rush as time is of the essence in money making or at least, that was my general experience.

One day, I had to burn the midnight oil to meet a deadline. I woke up and had a short chat with my boyfriend who was overseas. I told him that I felt terrible with 2 hours of sleep and he prayed for me.

With disheveled hair and zero effort in my overall appearance, I dashed off into a cab as I was late for class. But when I was almost there, I found out that I forgot my wallet! The stern looking cab driver kept silent when I told him that we would have to drive back all the way to my home to get my wallet. Stuck in a helpless situation, I bbm-ed my boyfriend and he replied, “You forgot your wallet? No way is this happening! I prayed for you!”

I shook my head and grinned at his simple faith. I always had this silly mentality of ‘saving’ the prayers for more important things whilst he would pray about everything.

When I looked up, we already arrived at the university. It was right there when my little miracle happened. The cab driver turned around and said, “It’s okay. You don’t have to pay me. I don’t want you to be late for class.”

In shock, I thanked him and asked for his number so I could pay him back. He smiled and replied, “Nah, we will meet again if destiny calls for it. Now hurry and scurry to class!”

When I stepped out of the cab, I felt God’s presence so strongly that a drop of tear rolled down my cheeks. God told me that He loves it when we pray for small things too. It’s just like how my mother loves it when I ask her opinion on which dress to wear or my dad on which restaurant to dine at.

God moments can happen in the most simple situations. On that day, God taught me simple faith on a mundane cab ride to school.

你/妳有試過被的士司機責罵嗎?我就因為比錢動作慢或者說不到街道的中文名而被責罵過無數次了。我的見解是: ‘時間’對的士司機們很重要,他們那天可以賺多少錢,全因為他們可以接載多少程乘客。

有一晚,為了趕工作的死線,我要開通宵車(通宵工作)。當我醒來的時後 ,我與正在海外的男友作了一個簡短的對話,我告訴他這邊的我很辛苦,因工作很忙而只睡了兩個小時,聽後他便為我禱告。









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