Growing the Mustard Seed // 種植芥菜籽

Charlene gave up her finance career and founded The Mustard Seed Workshop, a grassroots for-profit business that empowers members of communities in need to earn a sustainable livelihood. In the interview below, Charlene shares the challenges and surprises God took…


God @ Work | 神@工作

God is omnipresent but feeling His presence in our workplace seems to be harder than anywhere else. Are God and our careers mutually exclusive parts of our lives? Through this new series titled “God @ Work”, we will explore how…


Story Time – Recap // 回顧

WITNESSHK STORY TIME RECAP – Real people. Real Stories. Our City. On stage. WITNESSHK STORY TIME 回顧 – 真人。真故事。我們的都市。搬上了舞台。


Amenpapa: The Next Step // Amenpapa: 下一步

It has been nearly a year since we first posted Amenpapa founder Salina Yam’s ‘I Was Made To…’ video. Since then, Salina has married and opened up Amenpapa’s first retail shop in Silvercord Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. We check back…

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