從新從心學習在職場活出神的真理 // Relearning How to Live Out the Truth at Work

神的話語給予再次踏入商業社會的Coria嶄新的態度和觀點。 God’s Words gave Coria a new attitude and perspective when she re-entered the working world.


Lego Life // Lego 人生

拆毀再重建,喜悅成為新造的人。Coria discovered she is broken and rebuilt to joyfully become a new person.


Journey of Learning: Lesson #3 // 一個旅程的學習 (第三課)

我會繼續等待下一站,神帶領的愛的下一站。 I will wait for the next stop, where His Love leads me.


A Journey of Learning: Lesson #2 // 一個旅程的學習(第二課)

祂的愛是無限無底線,我們要幾多,祂總會比更多!God’s love is without limits and boundaries. He always gives us more than we need!


A Journey of Learning: Lesson #1 // 一個旅程的學習 (第一課)

願Coria的經歷也成為您的祝福。Coria shares her encounter with the Lord as her provider.


An Ever Present Love // 永不離開的愛

「連頭髮也數過」這句話真正的意思是什麼呢? What does “the very hairs of your head are all numbered” really mean?


The Heart Touched by God // 被主觸動的心靈

他們的微笑觸動我的心。When they smiled, it touched my heart.


A Family // 一個家

我只想告訴你關於我的一個家。一個平凡但別人覺得不平凡的一個家;一個得著了才知道得著的一個家 。 Coria shares about her family – an ordinary family that is extraordinary in other people’s eyes.


24 – Having God by my side // 24 – 有袮相伴

你曾經說謊嗎?讓我誠實一點,未相信主耶穌前,我發覺很難避免生命中有謊言。 Have you ever lied? Let me be honest, before I believed in Jesus, I thought there were some lies that were very difficult to avoid in life.


True Forgiveness // 真正的寬恕

什麼是真正的寬恕?這是一個很長的故事…真的是很長。What is true forgiveness? This is a really, really long story.

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