REBOOT:Asia is the Youth Apologetics Day run by the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries team in Asia and is held in various cities across the region. It will be in Hong Kong on December 5 from 9am – 5pm. Come explore…


The Still Point – A Journey of Art, Faith and Humanity

‘The Still Point’ is a three-week line-up exhibitions, concerts, performances and talks inspired by one of the most seminal literary works of the twentieth century – T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets. Different artists, both local and international, have responded in colour, texture,…


A Miracle Child // 奇蹟寶寶

“We don’t know what his futre holds, but we know who holds it.”


Interfaith Dialogue: Is Jesus Christ God?

Islam is on the rise around the world. Many of us unfortunately think of current situations in the Middle East and terrorism, but this is not the heart of Islam and those here in Hong Kong. Outreach Ministries has organized a discussion between a…


I Am Beloved // 我是上帝的寵兒

Even after getting saved, Vanessa bought into the lie that she needed to earn God’s love and acceptance. Inner healing taught her to let the darkness out into the light.

Simple Faith

Faith Like a Child // 像孩童的信心

Prayers don’t have to be complicated to be powerful. You just need to believe. 有力的禱告不一定很複雜,你只需要相信。


Mustard Seed // 芥菜種

Have you ever prayed for someone else to be healed? 你有為人家的身體醫治禱告過嗎?


I Am Healed // 我被治癒了

我們常常問神為什麼祂允許我們經歷那麼多傷痛和試煉。祂當然是愛我們的,不是嗎?So often we ask God why He has allowed us to go through pains and trials? 


Simple Faith is Only a Cab Ride Away//信心就是一程路 [Re-post // 重登]

God moments can happen in the most simple situations.  我們是可以在最簡單的情況下與神溝通的。


Finding Joy // 尋找喜樂

Our editor Penny shares about her breakthrough in faith and how it changed her view of God forever. WitnessHK編輯Penny分享她在信仰上的突破,及這經歷如何徹底改變她和神之間的關係。 

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