Walking With Faith // 與信仰同行

From walking on rocky roads to walking in faith was His amazing plan. 從走在崎嶇的道路到走在信仰的道路是祂美妙的安排。


Power of Prayer // 禱告的力量

Prayer often helps reveal our deeper purpose in life. 禱告經常幫助我們揭示生命裡更深層的目的。

My Journey With God

My Journey with God // 我和神的旅程

Have you ever felt so certain that you know it is, indeed, the answer that you have been looking for? 您試過非常肯定面前的一切,就是您一直所尋找的答案嗎?


Awe // 敬畏

Do you sometimes feel that healing is for other and not for yourself? 您會否覺得神只會醫治別人但不會醫治自己?

one year

One Year // 一年

還記得,去年的這段期間,人生第一部作品在香港書展出版… I still remember, around this time last year, my first book made its appearance at the Hong Kong Book Fair. 


Just a Thought: Postcard // 明信片

For me, the difference between knowing about God and actually experiencing Him… 對我來講,認識神有別於真正體驗祂


Changing Perspective to See God’s Grace // 改變角度去領會神的恩典

Every time when I read other people’s testimonies, I always thought what testimony did I personally have that was worthy of sharing with other people. 每次在讀別人的見證的時候,我都在想說自己有甚麼見證是值得寫給其他人看的。

good things

Good Things Come in Small Packages Too // 好事也會以小祝福出現

Being a new Christian, I have seen and heard a lot about the great changes God has done to our lives. 作為新的基督徒,我聽聞過關於神為我們帶來的改變。


I Saw an Arm Grow Before My Own Eyes! // 我親眼看見一隻手臂變長

For lack of a more sophisticated title, I decided to write exactly what happened. 因為我想不到一個比較深奧的標題,所以我決定實實在在地寫出所發生的事情。


Blessed are those who wait upon the Lord // 等待主的人是有福

That little story gave me the strength to go on that day. Looking back, I am glad that I did not leave HK.  那天,這小小的故事讓我有力量繼續走下去。現在回想,我很慶幸我沒有離開香港。

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