Faith: "I Was Made To Worship" // “我為敬拜而活”

Faith: “I Was Made To Worship” // “我為敬拜而活”

Faith kicks off our video “I Was Made To ____” testimony. Faith的分享是我們第一個“我為____而活”見證。

been there

Been There All Along // 一直伴著我

And then suddenly, in the midst of my feelings of shame as I reflected on my past, I felt the Voice of comfort and forgiveness flood into my heart… 突然間,在這羞愧的感覺之中,我感受到祂安慰和寬恕的聲音灌注了我的心、也感受到一把溫柔


Forgetting is not Forgiving // 忘記不等於寬恕

Oh, how little did I know about the depths of my own heart! 天啊,我對我自己的內心深處真的是一無所知呢!


True Forgiveness // 真正的寬恕

什麼是真正的寬恕?這是一個很長的故事…真的是很長。What is true forgiveness? This is a really, really long story.


Brothers // 兄弟

由弟弟出生那天開始,我跟他仿佛結下了不解之怨… Since the day my little brother was born, a seed of resentment seems to have been planted between us.

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