Awakening Conference

Awakening Conference is a full day of speakers and events aimed at equipping and training the next generation to help end human trafficking and slavery. Highlighted speakers include: Don Brewster Eufemia Lui Chris Hayward Lydia Wong Joyco Wu (Yung) David…

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Marco Jorge: God Carries Me // Marco Jorge: 神帶領我

Marco thought he had it all until God showed him where his worth is really from. // Marco以為自己已經擁有一切,神卻為他揭示他自身真正價值的源頭。


“Not My Life” Matinee Screening

ICA and Mekong Club presents, “Not My Life” movie matinee. A 2011 American documentary film by Robert Bilheimer and narrated by Glenn Close, the film depicts the trials and tribulations of modern day slavery.

When Jesus is in a Marriage

When Jesus is in a Marriage // 有著耶和華為中心的婚姻

No couple likes a third wheel … but here’s an exception. 沒有人喜歡電燈泡……但總有例外。


Abba House的奇妙短宣之旅 // Mission Trip at Abba House

因主的慈愛,我和我的Light Club家庭成員從泰國Abba House的宣教行回港了。 By the grace of God, I’ve returned from the mission at Abba House in Thailand with my Light Club family. 


I love worshiping // 我愛敬拜

Christine shares how amazing it is to be able to worship anytime! Christine 分享我們能隨時敬拜的奇妙恩典!

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