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I’m Glad I’m Single Until Now // 慶幸我單身至今

Wendy was weathering a typhoon in the Philippines with two girlfriends when she wrote the following post reflecting on her gratitude towards being single until now.

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Just One Touch of God’s Love // 一觸神的愛

From someone who was once nicknamed “Satan’s Father” to the God-loving man he is today, Tycus shares his long journey to accepting Christ.
從一個曾經綽號稱為“撒旦之父”,變為今天愛主的人,Tycus 分享他接受基督的漫長旅程。


Marienne: "I Was Made To Know God" // "我是為了認識神而活"

My life has a purpose and a goal – knowing Jesus for who He truly is. 我的生命有一個目的和目標 - 去真真正正地認識耶和華。


Forgetting is not Forgiving // 忘記不等於寬恕

Oh, how little did I know about the depths of my own heart! 天啊,我對我自己的內心深處真的是一無所知呢!


A Relationship with Him // 和祂的關係

若我只是去服事祂,而沒有溝通,只是老闆和下屬的關係。If I just serve Him but do not communicate, this is a relationship between a master and a servant.  


Ridiculousness and Brotherhood // 從同工同行到同心同在-阿勇和jason的兄弟情


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