Manna Conference 2014

The ICA Manna Ministry brings together this special conference to encourage those who have a heart for the marginalised, the underprivileged and the oppressed to take action and serve and love. This is an annual citywide event that is a…

Empowered21 Banner

Empowered21 Asia Congress 2014 // 「靈力21」亞洲特會 2014

The goal for Empowered21 Asia is to bring together members of Spirit-filled churches from throughout the region to learn, encourage and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and the love of Father God. This year’s focus of the congress…

Good News Conference Banner

Good News Healing Conference // 福音醫治特會

The upcoming Good News Healing Conference at the ICA will feature guest speaker Pam Seaward on the topic of “The Mighty Move of the Holy Spirit”. 基督教國際神召會將會舉行福音醫治特會,這次特會的主題是“聖靈的大能做工”,演講嘉賓是Pam Seaward。 For more details, please refer to the poster below: 活動詳情,請看以下的海報:


My First Prayer // 第一次禱告

“When you have an open heart and God wants to use you, He can do absolutely anything, and it’s incredible if you take a little time to stop, look and listen for His work happening on a daily basis all…

When Jesus is in a Marriage

When Jesus is in a Marriage // 有著耶和華為中心的婚姻

No couple likes a third wheel … but here’s an exception. 沒有人喜歡電燈泡……但總有例外。


Marienne: "I Was Made To Know God" // "我是為了認識神而活"

My life has a purpose and a goal – knowing Jesus for who He truly is. 我的生命有一個目的和目標 - 去真真正正地認識耶和華。

A New Language

A New Language, A New Hope // 新的語言、新的希望

This past year has been filled with the most challenging problems I have ever experienced.  過去一年對我來說充滿了我人生裡最具挑戰性的種種問題。


That Time I Persevered Despite Having Lost My Voice! // 還記得失聲重病仍要撐下去 !

即使你有七頭六臂、強壯如牛、不敗如獅子,也不能幸免!No matter how capable, how strong or how invincible you are, there is no way you could make use of all that!


There is Hope for a Tree

 He has given me the exact “treatment” that I need to overcome my barriers to Him.  祂給了我需要的“治療”,讓我跨越我倆之間的障礙。


How He Loves // 祂多愛我

As a student, I was the one who never failed. I strived to be the top student in class, the best at extracurricular activities, and the most popular at school. I had it quite easy. I always had straight A’s…

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