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God’s Goodness Does Not Equal Marriage // 神的恩典不等於婚姻

For years, Wendy wrongly assumed that God’s goodness for her was directly related to her relationship status. She learned it was so much more than that.

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Dream Catcher // 追尋夢想,尋著夢想

As the saying goes, “if you never CHASE your dream, you will never CATCH them.” Stephen shares with us how God gave him the vision and courage to start up a children’s brand called As Little As. Let’s chase after the dream of our hearts that God has pre-destined for us as you partner with Him on the journey!


Story Time – Recap // 回顧

WITNESSHK STORY TIME RECAP – Real people. Real Stories. Our City. On stage. WITNESSHK STORY TIME 回顧 – 真人。真故事。我們的都市。搬上了舞台。

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A WitnessHK Event – STORY TIME (April 27, 2013)

WitnessHK proudly presents Story Time! JOIN US for an afternoon of storytelling from people of all walks of life. We will be sharing powerful stories about hope, family, love, living out passions and finding community. Most importantly, it will be…

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A WitnessHK Event – STORY TIME (April 27, 2013)

Mark your calendar and stay tuned for more info!  記下這個日子,詳情稍後公佈,切勿錯過!

The Messenger // 信差

Have you ever heard a whisper from God asking you to speak a word of encouragement to a stranger?  Serene has and this is her story.  你有曾聽過神的細語叫你對陌生人說出鼓勵的話嗎? Serene 有而這就是她的故事。


Lego Life // Lego 人生

拆毀再重建,喜悅成為新造的人。Coria discovered she is broken and rebuilt to joyfully become a new person.


Walking With Faith // 與信仰同行

From walking on rocky roads to walking in faith was His amazing plan. 從走在崎嶇的道路到走在信仰的道路是祂美妙的安排。


A Journey of Learning: Lesson #1 // 一個旅程的學習 (第一課)

願Coria的經歷也成為您的祝福。Coria shares her encounter with the Lord as her provider.


Rescued From the Hands of Death // 從死亡的手中被拯救

There were 3 instances in my life when I almost died from illness. 我人生裡一共有三次幾乎因病而死。

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