Good News Healing Conference with Nathan Morris // 好消息醫治特會

Join Nathan Morris, the founder of Shake the Nations Organization and an English evangelist known for the Bay Revival for a healing conference from November 27 – November 29. Shake the Nations Organization的始創人及著名的Bay Revival傳道人Nathan Morris將出現在11月27日到29日的醫治特會。 The event is conducted in…

Paper Boat

God is My Refuge // 神是我的避難所

Claudia always wanted to know what the true purpose of life was. She found it through a burgeoning relationship with Christ.


Healing Hands // 治愈之手

Alex’s job was to heal others but when he came down with a severe medical disability, it was God who proved Himself as the Great Physician

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.58.50 PM

Lymphoma: A Journey to Salvation (2) // 淋巴癌:一個救贖的旅程 (下)

Angry and hurt at God, Ammathy Winnie Lui bargained for three things to happen before allowing her mom to pass away. Read on to see how God answered her requests…

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 5.58.50 PM

Lymphoma: A Journey to Salvation (1) // 淋巴癌:一個救贖的旅程 (上)

“I want to get baptized” was a sentence that Ammathy Winnie Lui would never imagine her Buddhist mom say until a life-threatening illness turned everything her mom believed in upside down.


Mustard Seed // 芥菜種

Have you ever prayed for someone else to be healed? 你有為人家的身體醫治禱告過嗎?


Rescued From the Hands of Death // 從死亡的手中被拯救

There were 3 instances in my life when I almost died from illness. 我人生裡一共有三次幾乎因病而死。

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