Revealed Conference

From August 27 to August 29, ICA will host a three-day conference – “Revealed: The Mystery of God’s Wisdom.” It is a time and place where all will come to grow further in the Lord, to hear of the deep things:…

Merry Christmas Caroling from the WitnessHK Fam // WitnessHK的大家庭以歌聲祝大家聖誕快樂

Merry Christmas Caroling from the WitnessHK Fam // WitnessHK的大家庭以歌聲祝大家聖誕快樂

The WitnessHK Fam plus friends take the streets of Causeway Bay to sing Christmas carols earlier this month. WitnessHK的大家庭以及一眾好友早前在銅鑼灣街頭報佳音。

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Fatherhear​t Ministries (English sessions)

Fatherheart Ministries James & Denise Jordan,  Mark Head and Shireen Siew will be coming to Hong Kong this coming September. They will come to share on the revelation of the Father’s heart and His love for us as His sons…

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天父的心國際事工 (Chinese sessions)

天父的心國際事工的詹姆斯和丹尼斯約旦, Mark Head和Shireen Siew會在今年九月來港。他們將會分享關於天父的心的啟示以及祂對作為祂兒女的我們的愛。想要更多關於此活動的資訊,請瀏覽以下的海報或他們的網頁上(http://www.kingdomroyalty.com/index.php?pageid=520&pageclass=event&lang=zh)。 有關活動全英文部分的日期和其他資料,請點擊這裡。

Nicole Tanner: "A Daughter of the King" // Nicole Tanner: "帝皇的女兒"

Nicole Tanner: “A Daughter of the King” // Nicole Tanner: “帝皇的女兒”

Nicole Tanner grew up in a loving home with her mom and stepfather. She never thought that her father leaving her as a baby left an impression on her until one year, God revealed to her the hole that was in her heart.

Nicole Tanner生長於一個充滿她媽媽和後父的愛的家。她從來沒想過生父在她還是嬰孩時的離去對她有任何影響,直至有一年,神向她揭示了她心底裡的那個空洞。

Sunset Pier

The True Cost of Love // 愛的真正代價

How much of yourself are you willing to give in exchange for attention from the opposite sex? Our dear sister Ada* found out that it was too much of the wrong thing – even costing a life. But she also…


What are you thankful for? // 你為著什麼感恩呢?

What are you thankful for this year? 你今年為著什麼感恩呢?                        

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DTR by Jason Chu // DTR (界定關係) by Jason Chu

What do those awkward side hugs or late night text messaging mean? Check out Jason Chu’s music video on how/when/why to DTR! 那些尷尬的側面單手擁抱和那些午夜短訊對話到底是什麼意思呢?Jason Chu的MV告訴你如何、何時以及為何要DTR (界定關係)!


The Messenger // 信差

Have you ever heard a whisper from God asking you to speak a word of encouragement to a stranger?  Serene has and this is her story.  你有曾聽過神的細語叫你對陌生人說出鼓勵的話嗎? Serene 有而這就是她的故事。

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God is the Best Matchmaker: Her Story // 神是最好的媒人:她的故事

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 耶和華說:「我知道我向你們所懷的意念是賜平安的意念,不是降災禍的意念,要叫你們末後有指望。」耶利米書29:11

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