The Heart Touched by God // 被主觸動的心靈

他們的微笑觸動我的心。When they smiled, it touched my heart.


That Time I Persevered Despite Having Lost My Voice! // 還記得失聲重病仍要撐下去 !

即使你有七頭六臂、強壯如牛、不敗如獅子,也不能幸免!No matter how capable, how strong or how invincible you are, there is no way you could make use of all that!


Broken Hearts // 破碎的心

Have you ever been in a dating relationship you know is unhealthy and bad for you… 你是否曾經有過一段你明明知道是不健康和對你不好..


Reliving a Moment // 勾起的回憶

我對媽媽比對任何人都容易動氣… I get frustrated with my mother more easily than I do with anyone…


Worth the Wait // 值得等待

One of my favourite speakers once said, “God takes a long time to do something suddenly”… 其中一個我最喜歡的講道員曾經說過:“主用很長的時間很突然地去做一些事情。。。”


Day and Night in Light Club // 在Light Club的日與夜

我非常感謝主把Light Club(LC) 的弟兄姊妹帶進了我的生命。I can never thank God enough for putting the brothers and sisters of Light Club (LC) in my life. 

Jill Vidal 衛詩 on WitnessHK // From Darkness to Light 由黑暗到光明

Jill Vidal 衛詩 on WitnessHK // From Darkness to Light 由黑暗到光明

Have you ever been in so much pain that you thought you no longer wanted to live? The Lord Jesus Christ hears your prayers and can transform you from darkness to light. 您試過痛苦到不想再活嗎?主耶穌聽得見您的禱告,並可以將您由黑暗帶到光明處。


A Family // 一個家

我只想告訴你關於我的一個家。一個平凡但別人覺得不平凡的一個家;一個得著了才知道得著的一個家 。 Coria shares about her family – an ordinary family that is extraordinary in other people’s eyes.


24 – Having God by my side // 24 – 有袮相伴

你曾經說謊嗎?讓我誠實一點,未相信主耶穌前,我發覺很難避免生命中有謊言。 Have you ever lied? Let me be honest, before I believed in Jesus, I thought there were some lies that were very difficult to avoid in life.


Two Generations Walk Together // 兩代同行

是時候讓我們起來回應神的呼召,回到神的誡命裡,正如我們的上一代一樣。 It is time we rise to God’s calling, to live in His commandment, just as our previous generations did.

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