Wendy Tad

Tinder, God and Marriage // “Tinder” “神” 和 ”婚姻“

“Tinder”, “God” and “Marriage” aren’t words that you would normally put together but in Wendy’s case, they sum up her latest testimony on her relationships – with God and with her husband. // “Tinder (交友程式)” “神” 和 ”婚姻“ 是三個一般不會被放在一起的詞語,可是它們卻恰當地總結了Wendy最近關於她與神和她丈夫的關係的見證。


Leading out of Love, not Obligation // 以愛而非責任作領袖

Carmen has been a servant-leader for over 10 years until she started to believe in a lie that leading was her identity. She takes this year to break that lie and embrace the true freedom and identity that God has given her as a child of God and redeemed sinner.
當Carmen開始相信作為領袖是她身份的謊言是,她已經作為事奉領袖超過十年了。她用了這年的時間去打破這個謊言,並欣然接受神給予她的真正自由及身份 – 神的兒女和被救贖的罪人。

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Fatherhear​t Ministries (English sessions)

Fatherheart Ministries James & Denise Jordan,  Mark Head and Shireen Siew will be coming to Hong Kong this coming September. They will come to share on the revelation of the Father’s heart and His love for us as His sons…

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天父的心國際事工 (Chinese sessions)

天父的心國際事工的詹姆斯和丹尼斯約旦, Mark Head和Shireen Siew會在今年九月來港。他們將會分享關於天父的心的啟示以及祂對作為祂兒女的我們的愛。想要更多關於此活動的資訊,請瀏覽以下的海報或他們的網頁上(http://www.kingdomroyalty.com/index.php?pageid=520&pageclass=event&lang=zh)。 有關活動全英文部分的日期和其他資料,請點擊這裡。

Deeper Still

Deeper Still Retreat

“… He also turns deserts into pools of water, dry land into flowing springs, there He gives the hungry a home, and they build a city to live in…, Psalms 107:35 (CJB) All of us as Father God’s children experience…


Power of Prayer // 禱告的力量

Prayer often helps reveal our deeper purpose in life. 禱告經常幫助我們揭示生命裡更深層的目的。

Stella: I Was Made To Reach The Youth // 我為關懷年青人而活

Stella: I Was Made To Reach The Youth // 我為關懷年青人而活

A passion for youth ignited in Liverpool keeps burning bright in Hong Kong. 一股對青年人的激情在利物浦被點燃並在香港繼續燃燒。


Ridiculousness and Brotherhood // 從同工同行到同心同在-阿勇和jason的兄弟情


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