Good News Healing Conference with Nathan Morris // 好消息醫治特會

Join Nathan Morris, the founder of Shake the Nations Organization and an English evangelist known for the Bay Revival for a healing conference from November 27 – November 29. Shake the Nations Organization的始創人及著名的Bay Revival傳道人Nathan Morris將出現在11月27日到29日的醫治特會。 The event is conducted in…

Sunset Pier

The True Cost of Love // 愛的真正代價

How much of yourself are you willing to give in exchange for attention from the opposite sex? Our dear sister Ada* found out that it was too much of the wrong thing – even costing a life. But she also…


Awe // 敬畏

Do you sometimes feel that healing is for other and not for yourself? 您會否覺得神只會醫治別人但不會醫治自己?

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