Take a Coffee Break

Can I Sit Here? // 我可以坐在這裏嗎?

Josh never knew that sitting next to a stranger at a coffee shop could lead to an amazing God-driven surprise. Josh沒想到神會透過他在咖啡室內遇上的陌生人為他帶來意想不到的驚喜。


Higher Ways // 更高的旨意

The corporate world has its ups and downs. Read how God carried our editor Paul through one of his biggest down moments. 起起跌跌是企業世界的常情。這篇見証分享神如何帶領WitnessHK編輯Paul走過他人生的一個低谷。


Looking Back at a Journey on His Road // 回顧在祂的路上

學習從祂的眼目看,發覺原來可以完全不一樣。 Learning to see from God’s eyes, realizing that everything can be different.

God's Perfect Plan

God’s Perfect Plan // 主的完美計劃

I confess.  I am a plan-oholic.  I love planning and I even make plans to plan.   我招供。我是一個計劃狂。我愛計劃,我甚至計劃去計劃。


A Journey of Learning: Lesson #1 // 一個旅程的學習 (第一課)

願Coria的經歷也成為您的祝福。Coria shares her encounter with the Lord as her provider.


All I Want for Christmas// 我想要的聖誕禮物

What does the Christmas season bring to mind for you?  Our Editor Rachel T shares her dreams about all she ever wanted for Christmas. 聖誕節會令你想起甚麼呢?篇者Rachel T與大家分享她一件夢寐以求的聖誕禮物。


Big City, Little Stories // 大城小事

自小我就是一个缺乏安全感的人,对身边的一切人和事亦毫无信心。 I’ve always been an insecure person. I had no confidence in everything and everyone around me.


Movie Tickets // 戲票

坦白說,本人不曾是抽獎遊戲的贏家… I usually never win lucky draws.


Ridiculousness and Brotherhood // 從同工同行到同心同在-阿勇和jason的兄弟情


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