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Marco Jorge: God Carries Me // Marco Jorge: 神帶領我

Marco thought he had it all until God showed him where his worth is really from. // Marco以為自己已經擁有一切,神卻為他揭示他自身真正價值的源頭。

Leaves (west-park)

A Brand New Beginning // 新開始

Having been through the uncontrollable ups and downs of life, looking back reveals God’s hands at work in our lives. Our reader shares how God uses people and events to lead her to the beginning of a new life. 經歷過人生裡不在掌握中的起伏,回頭卻發現神早有安排。我們的讀者分享神如何透過她生命裡的人和事帶領她到生命的新開始。

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