Good News Healing Conference with Nathan Morris // 好消息醫治特會

Join Nathan Morris, the founder of Shake the Nations Organization and an English evangelist known for the Bay Revival for a healing conference from November 27 – November 29. Shake the Nations Organization的始創人及著名的Bay Revival傳道人Nathan Morris將出現在11月27日到29日的醫治特會。 The event is conducted in…


Healing Hands // 治愈之手

Alex’s job was to heal others but when he came down with a severe medical disability, it was God who proved Himself as the Great Physician

Step Mother Featured Photo

Stepmother // 後母

Coincidence, God’s plan or just one big lie? Our brother Chung shares his witness of his stepmother’s journey through a series of mistaken diagnoses.


I Am Healed // 我被治癒了

我們常常問神為什麼祂允許我們經歷那麼多傷痛和試煉。祂當然是愛我們的,不是嗎?So often we ask God why He has allowed us to go through pains and trials? 

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